Pro Bowl Reaction: Cameron Wake

Linebacker Cameron Wake conducted a conference call after being selected to the Pro Bowl, and here is the team-released transcript of the interview.

On how it feels to be selected to the Pro Bowl: "Well, it definitely feels good. Like you said it's been a crazy day, it's been a long road. It's been a lot of hard work a lot of obstacles in the way and perseverance and toughness, to get to this point where you are one of the best of the best, it is definitely and truly an honor."

On if he will take Channing Crowder, who campaigned on Wake's behalf, to Hawaii: "He texted me a little bit earlier, I am sure that we will talk about that later on this evening. I wouldn't doubt that would be something that I would do. He's been a guy that has been in my corner from early on and just being one of the fellas, he's actually helping me from the moment I got here, out there on the field making plays, without a doubt he is a guy that you would love to have in your corner."

On if the Pro Bowl was one of his goal growing up and now making it where does he goes from here: "Its one of those things that growing up, being a youngster and playing you always want to be the best of the best, Super Bowl, Pro Bowl things like that, (things) you dream about when you're young and like I said finally getting here is truly an accomplishment. But I have always been one of those people who always set the bar pretty high and was never satisfied on just being able to get here and make it is truly an accomplishment, but I really feel that the sky is the limit and there is much more to be had."

On if he thought this was a possibility when the season began or has he exceed his expectations: "You know what, really from the time I was sitting on the couch watching games on Sunday, I was always a guy who believed in myself and give me an opportunity and I could show a lot of people that I could play this game called football. It was never something that I believed was out of reach for me, like I said just to get the opportunity to get on the field and Coach (Mike) Nolan and Coach (Bill) Sheridan being able to work with me and being able to do a lot of things that they give me the opportunity to do, it definitely wasn't something that I thought would be impossible it was something that I just felt like given the right opportunity and getting out there, and like I said, leaving it all on the field it was well within reach."

On if it feels as good as he expected it to feel when it was a goal: "It definitely feels good. It's hard mostly you can't realize, two years ago sitting on the couch and wondering who wants you. Not being picked up and having worked out and not being signed and being cut and going through all those things from that point to being considered an All-Pro is, it's hard to put into words. It's a tremendous amount of sacrifice and perseverance, but at the end of the day being here is a great feeling, it really is."

On what his plans are to celebrate his selection? Go out and eat a steak? Workout? Have a drink?: "Well, you know what, I am on a diet so I don't know if the steak is going to happen tonight, I don't drink so that is definitely out of the question and we have practice tomorrow morning early so, I don't know what I'll do, I‘ll probably kick my feet up and take a deep breath for a minute and kind of let it all soak in. But I will be going to bed early tonight and I'll be back at the facility at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, so the celebrating probably won't happen until after the season, we still have another game to play and my concentration is going there."

On the bittersweet ending of the season and can he separate the individual honor: "It is really hard to do that, I was joking around with one of the guys that I was hoping that I wouldn't be able to play because we would all be in Texas getting ready for the Super Bowl. But with that being out the question now, it is kind of hard now coming off a loss last week, it was one that we felt kind of let slip away and it is really bittersweet. You definitely wish you were doing better as a whole and then have something like this where you try to keep the individual part of it down because you know that so many other people were out there helping you and were a part of that success."

On if he received the text from Channing Crowder before or after he found out: "That was before (he found out), he wanted to come and hang out. I think that he is in the area somewhere and we were going to grab a bite to eat, but we actually missed each other. But like I said I am sure that we will be talking later on trying to get all the details worked out."

On how much time he has spent in Hawaii: "How much time have I spent in Hawaii? Actually, I played in the Hula Bowl coming out of college and I have been there a couple of other times on vacation. So I have been there a few times, but I am sure that this one is going to be the best. Actually the game is on my birthday, I think that this is actually the best birthday present I have ever gotten."

On when did he realize the game was on his birthday: "It was a commercial I heard, this was a while back, it was a promo or whatever and it said it was on January 30th and I was like ‘Wow', and this was way back, and I just kind of put that in the back of my head and I thought, hey if I end up going to the Pro Bowl it would be playing on my birthday and it would be like I said definitely the best birthday present ever."

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