Pro Bowl Reaction: Jake Long

Offensive tackle Jake Long conducted a conference call after being selected to the Pro Bowl, and here is the team-released transcript of the interview.

On whether it is any more special this time around to be selected: "You know every single year it's very special. It never gets old. It's a tremendous honor and a personal goal of mine every single year. It gets better and better every year."

On if he expects to play in the game this year with his injury status: "That's something I'll have to think about and talk with our trainers and doctors and my agent about and figure out what we should do. Hopefully I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that I can hopefully play."

On whether it is important for him to play in the game or is being selected the special part: "No, it is important to me to play because it's a tremendous honor and a lot of fun to be out there and go out and be with the other guys from around the league. It's a fun time playing and it's a tremendous honor to play in that game. You know I definitely do want play in the game if I can."

On whether the fact that he is joined by Cameron Wake makes the honor more special: "It's huge. Cam's had a great year and he deserves everything he gets. It will be really fun to go out there with another guy from the team and just relax and have a good time. I'm really happy for him."

On how much pride he takes in being able to play in every game this year: "Well, that's definitely a point of pride of mine. I hate missing game time or missing practice and not being out there with my team so I, it is a point of pride that I'm always going to try and play and be out there and I have had some, some nicks here and there but luckily I've been able to play through it and help our team. You just got to learn from that and keep getting healthy and keep getting better."

On the amount of time he's had to spend in the training room this season: "I've spent a lot of time just getting treatment and working with our trainers and getting healthy and such. I'm spending a lot of time but it's all worth it to be able to go out there and play and be able to be on that field and wear that helmet. I think it's worth it so I'll, I'll sacrifice the time."

On how the honor feels with the team's season winding down: "This season's definitely not the type of season we wanted but we've definitely had some ups and downs and some high moments at times. We just got, we got one more game left and we're going to keep working hard. Coach Sparano's going to keep us motivated and we're going to go out there and we've got to earn our respect. We got one last time to do it this season and that's something to build on going into the offseason if we can get a win. It will be nice to end our season on a high note."

On whether he was able to keep the same level of play even with his injuries: "Me personally, I think I had some up and down games and I didn't play my best at some times but I, the whole part of football is you're going to get injured; you're going get some nicks and bruises. It's those guys that can push through it and still play at a high level. I feel, I feel I've done a good job of that working with injuries and nicks and bruises and everything so I think I kept my high level of play even with some bumps and bruises."

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