Marshall's Misery

Brandon Marshall's first season with the Dolphins is over. It ended in such ugly fashion, the star wide receiver called this the most frustrating season of his eventful NFL career. Considering he wore out his welcome in Denver just a year ago, that's saying something.

"Out of all five years, the worst," Marshall said after Sunday's 38-7 loss to the Patriots. "The worst because of the potential we have on this team. We shouldn't be where we're at right now. ... We have championship pieces in our locker room."

From Marshall's perspective, the Dolphins' offense wasn't in a good place from the start. Tensions between Marshall, quarterback Chad Henne and offensive coordinator Dan Henning have bubbled just below the surface for months.

"It's been that way all year," Marshall said. "Players, coaches, we all have to be on the same page. We've got to speak the same language when it comes to offense. ... When one guy is out of place or there is one bad call, it exposes everybody."

That became all too obvious on Henne's third pass of the game, and the first one he directed at Marshall. Forcing a deep slant into double coverage against a two-deep zone, Henne was intercepted by rookie Devin McCourty at the Dolphins' 47-yard-line.

"I guess we read it wrong, and we were on two different pages," said Marshall, who still reached 1,000 receiving yards for the fourth straight season. "Receivers and quarterbacks, we're on several different pages, and you can't have that."

That miscue set up the first of Tom Brady's two touchdown passes. When Henne badly underthrew Marshall on the sideline on the Dolphins' next offensive snap, Marshall walked off the field and sat out the next play in admitted frustration.

"A lot of potential on this team. Didn't get the job done," Marshall said. "We owe it to the fans, the city. It's been a long time since we won down here. This is my first year as a Dolphin, but I think Coach Sparano knows what it takes, if anybody, to get us on the right track."

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