The Daily Take will be posted every weekday at 3 p.m. and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss how the Dolphins might use Junior Seau.

The press conference introducing Junior Seau as the newest member of the Miami Dolphins certainly was an interesting one. But there was one question that remained unanswered, even after an off-camera chat with Seau and Coach Dave Wannstedt.

The issue of exactly how the Dolphins will use Seau.

Wannstedt said the Dolphins hadn't yet determined whether Seau would line up at weakside or strongside linebacker, whether Seau would be on the field for all three downs.

The plan is for the Dolphins to make that determine perhaps as early as before the start of minicamp, which is scheduled for the first weekend of May.

Seau certainly has the skills to play on either side, whether it be taking on the tight end on the strong side or playing in space on the weak side.

In San Diego, Seau usually did some freelancing, sometimes charging to the line of scrimmage before the snap before dropping back, sometimes blitzing.

The Dolphins defense generally doesn't call for much freelancing, so Seau will have to make some adjustments in his game.

Bottom line: Somehow, the Dolphins will find a way to use Seau's talents and the defense should be better for his presence in the lineup.

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