There was a lot of speculation after they acquired an extra third-round that the Dolphins were putting themselves in a position to trade up in the second round. But no one could have predicted what happened.

The selection of outside linebacker Eddie Moore with the 49th overall pick left the folks in the media room at Dolphins headquarters absolutely stunned.

But the reporters weren't alone. Moore himself said he was shocked and even had to check the number when the Dolphins called him to make sure it wasn't a crank call.

Moore expected to be drafted in the third round. One draft publication projected him to be a fifth-round pick.

So what gives? What were the Dolphins thinking?

Coach Dave Wannstedt said on ESPN the Dolphins needed to add some depth at the linebacker spot, but shouldn't they have gone for more from their first pick.

Hawaii tackle Wayne Hunter, a player the Dolphins brought in for a workout, was still available at No. 49. There were many projections that had the Dolphins trading up to trade him, yet he slid to their spot and they went in another direction.

They could have added a number of high-profile wide receivers, such as Tennessee's Kelley Washington or Middle Tennessee's Tyrone Calico. They could have gone safety with Ohio State's Mike Doss.

The Dolphins obviously like something about Moore, and they may yet be proven right with that selection.

But the first reaction was that this was not only an uninspiring pick, but a highly questionable one as well.

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