After a rather uneventful first day of the draft, the Dolphins got Sunday off with some interesting picks.

n particular, we like the selection of J.R. Tolver, the wide receiver from San Diego State.

He's not very fast, which is why he lasted until the fifth round, but you don't catch 128 passes in a season by accident. This is a guy who obviously knows how to get open. He could be a solid addition.

The same goes for Donald Lee, the tight end from Mississippi State. The book on him is he's got good receiving ability, even though he didn't get much of a chance to show it off with the Bulldogs.

The Dolphins needed a young tight end after losing Desmond Clark and Jed Weaver in free agency. That has the look of another solid pick, especially since both Tolver and Lee were projected to go higher than they did.

The selection of former South Carolina quarterback Corey Jenkins, who projects as a linebacker and special teams specialist, also was interesting, even though it certainly carries more risk.

For one thing, Jenkins played exactly two games on defense at South Carolina and for another he will be 27 when the 2003 season begins.

But he's big on athletic ability and character, so the pick might pan out.

Even if it doesn't, giving up two seventh-round picks to move up and draft him wasn't exactly a steep price.

Besides, the fifth round on down is a good time to take chances on some projects.

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