The 2003 NFL draft has come and gone, but there still are a lot of loose ends to tie before we start looking ahead to next weekend's minicamp, the first of four practice sessions the Dolphins will hold.

Here are some final notes, quotes and anecdotes from this weekend:

-- Coach Dave Wannstedt called the draft the third of a four-step process to build his roster for the 2003 season. The first step is re-signing his team's core guys; the second is the start of free agency; the third is the draft; and the fourth is the period after June 1 when several veterans around the league get released for salary-cap purposes.

-- The Dolphins looked to trade up into the first round with the idea of drafting either Stanford tackle Kwame Harris or Iowa guard/tackle Eric Steinbach, but weren't able to consummate a deal.

Some teams apparently were asking the Dolphins not only for their 2004 first-round pick and 2003 second-round pick, but for an additional third-rounder as well.

-- The Dolphins liked Georgia tackle George Foster's ability, but crossed him off their list because of concerns over his wrist injury.

Apparently, doctors are divided over whether the dislocation in his right wrist can be fixed or whether he'll have to play with a cast for his entire career.

-- The Dolphins also crossed off Tennessee WR Kelley Washington because of concerns over his neck injury.

-- Wannstedt said he will try to address the situation of LB Derrick Rodgers sometime this week, adding he would try to do what was best for the team and for Rodgers.

The Dolphins would like to get a draft pick for Rodgers, but might just simply release if they can't find a trading partner. Wannstedt said he didn't know whether Rodgers would participate in next weekend's minicamp.

-- The Ray Lucas issue could be decided as early as Monday. Wannstedt said he would move with the quarterback, who is expected to be released.

"I told him we'd like to have it resolved before minicamp," Wannstedt said. "I owe it to him to bring this thing to a head before minicamp."

-- After the Dolphins drafted two tackles (Wade Smith and Tim Provost), Wannstedt said the pursuit of a veteran offensive tackle is on hold.

Mark Dixon would start at left tackle were the season to start today.

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