The Daily Take will be posted every weekday at 3 p.m. and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss the aftermath of the 2003 draft.

The Dolphins didn't generate a whole lot of excitement with their 2003 draft, but a few appear clearer after the weekend.

First, it's starting to look like Oronde Gadsden's days as a Dolphin are over. The team has maintained all along it would like to have him back, but Coach Dave Wannstedt and senior vice president Rick Spielman both said Sunday they're very happy with the depth at wide receiver.

The drafting of San Diego State's J.R. Tolver, coming off a 128-catch season, also might not help. Tolver has a lot of Gadsden in him in that he's not very fast but knows how to get open.

Spielman got testy at one point this weekend when he was asked about Gadsden. He said there was nothing new to report and then said he didn't want any more questions about Gadsden.

If the Dolphins were to start today, the starters at wide receiver would be Chris Chambers and James McKnight, and the top two backups would be Derrius Thompson and kick return specialist Charlie Rogers, who the Dolphins might use in the slot from time to time.

That probably leaves only one roster spot at the position, and the Dolphins are high on Robert Baker and Kendall Newson, both of whom are having good seasons in NFL Europe.

Now, the Dolphins certainly would take Gadsden if they can get him cheap, but it's clear he's not that high on their priority list. Problem for Gadsden is he's not high on anybody's priority list.

One more note about the draft, Baltimore taking quarterback Kyle Boller in the first round was great news for the Dolphins because it means the Ravens probably won't be interested in Brian Griese after he's released June 1.

At this point, it appears the only team that could offer Griese a starting job and keep him from signing with the Dolphins would be Dallas. But the Cowboys have said they're not interested.

Stay tuned.

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