Bush Brings Much-Needed Element

By all accounts, the Dolphins have made their first significant acquisition this summer, with multiple reports indicating they have consummated a trade with the New Orleans Saints for the services of running back Reggie Bush. While no one should expect Bush to become a 1,000-yard rusher for the Dolphins, he will bring something to the offense that had been badly missing: speed.

For too long, the Dolphins have lacked a big-play component on offense, and that's just what Bush can provide.

The best way to use him would be out of the backfield on third downs or in obvious passing situations.

He's a player who can make opponent miss in the open field and turn a short swing pass into a long gain.

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are quality backs, but they don't possess that ability and that hurt the Dolphins in the past.

That's why there was talk of Miami going after either Bush or San Diego free agent Darren Sproles, another undersized back with playmaking ability.

While the compensation to New Orleans hasn't been revealed, it's believed to be a Saturday pick. Now, one might question the need to give up a draft pick when it seemed pretty obvious the Saints were going to release Bush because of his contract and also because they took Mark Ingram in this year's draft, but the Dolphins obviously didn't want to take any chances on another team beating them out for Bush's services.

The deal was done after Bush reportedly agreed to a new deal with the Dolphins, one that will be good for two years. If the draft pick the Dolphins gave up comes in the sixth or seventh round, we have no issue with it. If it's a fourth-rounder, then you could argue the Dolphins gave away something of value.

What can't be debated is the value of this move. There was little question that the Dolphins offense was among the slowest in the league last season, and that only put extra pressure on the quarterback and the wide receivers.

With Bush, the Dolphins can create matchup problems for opposing defenses. They can line up Bush wide and force opponents to put a defensive back on him because a linebacker wouldn't be able to keep up. They can spread out the field, send their receivers deep and dump a pass off to Bush and let him do his thing in the open field.

It gives the Dolphins offense another dimension, one that was missing.

In fact, we would argue that the arrival of Bush is more significant than that of quarterback Kyle Orton, if it pans out. Having somebody like Bush on offense immediately should make Chad Henne better because now the Dolphins have a pass catcher who regularly should gain good yardage after the catch.

Bush also could help on kick returns, another area that was lacking last season.

The bottom line is this is just a solid move for the Dolphins. In case you're wondering how this can be so positive for the Dolphins and not kill the Saints, that's because New Orleans is loaded with playmakers on offense.

The Dolphins badly needed some, and they got one with Bush.

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