Like It Or Not, Looks Like Henne

It looks like the Dolphins indeed will be acquiring a veteran quarterback on Friday, but it's not going to be Kyle Orton, the subject of so much speculation this week. Instead, the new Dolphins quarterback will be former Carolina Panthers starter Matt Moore. Which means the likely opening-day starter for the Dolphins will be none other than Chad Henne.

Let's first dispense of the details. Multiple reports indicate the Dolphins have come to terms with Moore on a two-year deal while also ending negotiations with the Denver Broncos regarding a trade for Orton.

Shocking development?

Not really.

The right move?

Actually, yes.

The issue all along with Orton was that he didn't represent a clear upgrade over Henne, certainly not one big enough to justify giving up a good draft pick and a new contract for the former Bears fourth-round pick.

Now, it's not as though Moore is going to revitalize the Dolphins offense because he's really a backup type. He got a chance to start in Carolina last season after the Panthers dumped Jake Delhomme but struggled badly (five touchdowns, 10 interceptions) before his season ended with a torn labrum.

Still, he does have some ability and should make for a decent backup.

Which brings us back to Chad Henne. Clearly, he's the guy. Just as clearly, this is going to be his last shot to show he has what it takes to be an NFL starter.

He no doubt will be helped by the addition of Reggie Bush, whose speed brings a new dimension to the offense. Perhaps he'll be given more latitude by new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll because it sure looked as though Dan Henning didn't have much trust in him.

From this vantage point, Henne should be able to duplicate what Orton might have brought to the Dolphins, so there was no sense in doing something for the sake of doing something.

As Dolphins owner Steve Ross told reporters Friday morning, a change would have been made at quarterback if there was somebody clearly better than Henne available.

Kevin Kolb wasn't that guy. Neither was Vince Young. Same goes with Matt Hasselbeck. And Kyle Orton wasn't that guy, either.

Carson Palmer would be a clear upgrade, but the Bengals have stood firm in their stance of making him sit out the entire 2011 season rather than trade him, so he was out of play.

As it stood, the Dolphins didn't really many options. They weren't going to get someone clearly better than Henne, but they needed to add a veteran backup.

The move probably won't go over well with fans, but it was the right way to proceed.

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