Camp Q&A: Kory Sheets

Kory Sheets never got a chance last summer to show the Dolphins what he could do because he went down with a torn Achilles tendon while returning a kickoff early in training camp. Back in 2011 and again at 100 percent, Sheets is hoping his speed and versatility can earn him a roster spot. He recently talked about his comeback and other topics.

Q: Would you expect to get a lot of playing time in the first couple of preseason game?

Sheets: "From what I'm being told, they really want to see me play these first few game and see what I can do carrying the ball as well as pass blocking. Mainly pass blocking because they know I can carry the ball."

Q: Do you see yourself as a complement to Reggie Bush?

Sheets:"I feel like I'm more of an extension. You think you get a break when Reggie goes out, no, I'll come back in and you've got to keep dealing with both of us."

Q: For those Dolphins fans who have never seen you play, how would you describe yourself as a running back?

Sheets: "Explosiveness, quickness, speed and power."

Q: How frustrating was it to have your 2010 season end almost right after it began?

Sheets: "It was real frustrating. When I got hurt, I just knew it was about to be the longest year of my life because at that point in time it was just me down here. I had no family down here, so I was basically at home watching games by myself going, damn, I'm supposed to be out there. So it was real frustrating."

Q: Which teammates helped you the most deal with the frustration of having to miss the entire 2010 season?

Sheets: "My fullback, Lousaka Polite, and Yeremiah Bell. Through the entire time I was hurt they were in my ear, they were like, hey, don't give up and YB, he actually tore his Achilles so he was telling me, it's going to be times when you hit a wall and around December and January I hit that wall. He was like, just keep going, you're going to get by, it's going to take a little time."

Q: Do you feel 100 percent now?

Sheets: "Oh yeah, it's all the way back, no fears, all the way back. If anybody wants to race, I welcome that."

Q: We can understand Polite helping you out being that he also is in the backfield, but Yeremiah Bell?

Sheets: "He tore his Achilles as well. He was like, look, it's going to be fat, there's going to be times when you're going to want to take that boot off and walk around the house because you feel that it's OK, but don't do it because if you mess around you could tear it again and you'd be back to square one. Almost every day he was in my ear, just keep doing this, just keep doing that, ice it, ice it. As a matter of fact, two days ago he was like, Sheets, get in there, ice it right now. Don't go get in the shower, go ice it. I know it's sore, so go ice it. He did it before, so I'm going to listen to him."

Q: Have you experienced any soreness with your Achilles this camp?

Sheets: "Yeah, but that's to be expected. You go from doing nothing to throwing it into the fire. It's been sore, but I ice it and I'm back to square one again."

Q: Some players have described tearing an Achilles tendon as feeling as though you get shot in the back of the ankle?

Sheets: "Yes. When it happened, I heard a loud pop. I actually thought somebody hit me and I rolled over — and I don't know who it was that was standing above me — and I was like, why are you hitting me? He said, man, nobody hit you, get up. I rolled over, tried to get up and went right back to the ground. I actually looked at the film and there was nobody around me."

Q: Was the injury in the back of your mind at all the first time you went back to return a kickoff this summer?

Sheets: "One of my coaches (Ike Hilliard) was like — because he's been hurt a bunch of times — he said you just can't go out there and baby it, you've got to go full speed. It's going to react, you've got to trust it. So that's what I did the first time we were out there. I was like, you know what, I'm just going to put it in the back of my head and I'm just going to run as fast as I can and if it goes, it goes. If it don't, then I'm doing good."

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