No Need to Push Bush

The scene, pretty much without fail, was repeated every time the Dolphins held a practice this training camp. The workout would end, the players would gather for a final message and then dispersed, some walking over to the stands to sign interviews, some heading straight to the locker room, others stopped by reporters for interviews.And then there was Reggie Bush.

The Dolphins' biggest acquisition of the summer walked over to the stands for autographs, too, mind you. He just did it AFTER putting in some extra post-practice work.

Whether it be hitting a blocking sled or catching balls from the Jugs machine, Bush has worked overtime this summer to make his first season with the Dolphins a success.

If he fails, it won't be for lack of trying.

Coach Tony Sparano made clear after Wednesday's practice that Bush was doing the extra work on his own.

"Yeah I'm not asking him to do anythinglike that," Sparano said. "I just know that from the first day he was out here on the practice field I seen him doing extra out here. And he hasn't stopped there; he usually ends up back in the weight room doing something even if it's a non-lift day for him. He's doing somethin' in there."

Bush, acquired in a trade from New Orleans for safety Jonathon Amaya and a draft pick, clearly wants to make an impression on his new team. He also has said he wants to handle a bigger work load this season after playing a complementary role in New Orleans.

By doing extra work in camp, Bush is just trying to increase his chances for success.

"I just think the guy knows a little bit where he is right now and he does know that he's going in kinda some different water here as far as being able to carry a bigger load right now, so I think he's trying to get himself ready," Sparano said. "I've asked every one of those veteran players to say, hey, look we're 26 days away from the game right now and I think you know your body, you know what you need. If we don't get it out here in 2 1/2 hours you gotta spend extra time gettin' it one way or the other and I think that in Reggie's mind that's what he needs to do. It's a good thing for us."

Bush did not play in last Friday night's preseason opener at Atlanta, but will get playing time this week when the Dolphins play host to the Carolina Panthers.

Exactly how much work Bush gets and in what form remains to be seen. Sparano said he had an idea of how many touches he wanted Bush to get Friday night, although he declined to reveal those details before speaking to Bush about it.

"Now, the touches can come in a bunch of ways," Sparano said. "We need to try to get him involved a little bit here and get his hand on the football and let him take some of those hits and get behind that line and do some of the those things."

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