The Daily Take will be posted every weekday at 3 p.m. and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss quarterback Jay Fiedler.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus isn't shy about making predictions in his role as football analyst on a local Sunday night sports show.

His latest one suggested that Brian Griese would be the Dolphins' starting quarterback, by the middle of the 2003 season at the latest.

Don't the Dolphins already have a starting quarterback in Jay Fiedler.

Has there ever been a guy who has taken more abuse than Fiedler despite having some success? For cryin' out loud, look at the guy's record as a starter.

We have to write this opinion piece every few weeks because Fiedler constantly gets criticized in Miami as someone who isn't good enough to get the Dolphins to the Super Bowl.

Hogwash! Fiedler is plenty good enough. He has gotten better every year since he took over as the starting quarterback for the Dolphins.

Yes, he missed a wide open James McKnight deep in the season finale at New England last December. It happens ... to everybody.

The biggest concern about Fiedler is his ability to stay healthy, and that's where Griese would be a nice addition because he would make a solid backup.

But given the Miami fans, we just know they'll be clamoring for Griese to replace Fiedler the second he makes a bad pass.

So from that standpoint, we're almost tempted to say the Dolphins would be better off with getting a different backup this season.

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