Reggie Reflections

In his weekly Wednesday press conference, running back Reggie Bush discussed the state of the running game, the questions about how many carries he should get and the offense's performance against New England, among other things.

Here is the team-released transcript of Bush's press conference:

On if he is sore: "Normal story, that's to be expected. Whether or not I played the many plays I did or not, you're going to be sore after the game. Just general soreness, nothing extensive. I feel fine, body's holding up."

On your support of Chad Henne: "I thought Chad did a great job. I can't speak of what happened in the past because I wasn't here; I was on a different team. I've been saying all along since I've been here I've seen nothing but great things from him. He's been a leader. He's been everything we needed him to be and so it was no surprise to me that he played well Monday night. I think it's been busy as usual for him. I don't think he's allowed the criticism to persuade him or affect his game. I think he's taking it business as usual and that helps us out a lot."

On the running game: "Well, I think, obviously, we got down in the second half, but there were some drives where we had some three-and-outs and obviously, if you're not sustaining the drives, it's going to affect your ability to be able to call the runs in the offense. We've got to do a better job at converting third downs and that will in turn, obviously, keep us on the field and allow (Brian) Daboll to call more runs for us. It's not all on him, it's not all on us, it's a collective effort."

On playing more and the heat affecting his play: "I didn't think about how many plays I'm going to get. I just thought about going out there and playing and I've prepared myself all offseason and training camp to be able to do what I did and to be able to play that many plays I did. So I didn't think about it, I just went along with it, however long I was going to be in there, that's how long I'm going to be in there."

On his preference, running or catching the ball: "I like to do both because I feel like I'm able to bring a lot to the table as a running back and as a receiver, so I like to do both and I feel like that brings another dynamic to our offense. I like to do both."

On the extra work in the offseason making a difference: "Yeah, I mean, we condition like no other here with the Miami Dolphins, so we're going to be well prepared from an endurance standpoint. I think we're one of the most well-conditioned teams in the NFL. Now, obviously, with that said, there's other things that go along with playing football. It's not just being a well-conditioned team, but I felt fresh, I felt fine. I felt like I was able to push harder at the end of the game and so I felt like I had a lot of energy left in the tank."

On having 20-plus touches per game, with most in the first half: "(Laughing) Yeah, a lot of them did come in the first half, but yeah, it felt good. I felt fine. I felt explosive and fast out there and I felt fine and whatever Coach (Tony) Sparano and whatever coaches decide, that's what it is, so I just prepare myself to take as many carries as possible."

On his durability if he continues to run between the tackles: "Well, I guess will see. Only time will tell. I really can't say I have a crystal ball. I just know that when they call my number, that's what it is, I try to make the most of my opportunities whether it's inside the tackles or outside the tackles. I don't think you can say that if you continue to run a guy between the tackles, he's going to get hurt. You look at Walter Payton, he was only 200 pounds. I'm not saying I'm Walter Payton, but I'm just saying that I don't have a crystal ball. I don't know what the exact number is or how many times I should run the ball. I don't even think about it … all I think about is when my number is called, make the most of the opportunity and give our offense a chance."

On his expectations of the first game: "Well, from a offensive standpoint I felt like, I think I can speak for a lot of the guys in the offense, we played good, but we didn't play to our standards. There were a lot of key plays left out there on the field, especially on the goal line. We should have come away with touchdowns and either we came away with nothing or a field goal and that we felt that it could have been the difference of winning and losing the game. So we have a ways to go. We've got a lot of corrections to make on our side of the ball and we have to correct those sooner than later because we have another good time rolling in here this weekend and we can quickly be 0-2 if we find ourselves feeling sorry for ourselves about this last game. We've got to have a short memory and prepare for the Houston Texans and that's what today is about. Moving on, we already made the corrections and preparing for Houston."

On the opening drive touchdown: "Yeah, this is an attack offense and I'm not exactly familiar with how offenses were run in the past, but I know what it is now and it's an attack offense and we're going to be aggressive in the pass and the run game and throw the ball down the field. Chad is going to be aggressive with the ball and he's going to put the ball in the right spots. I thought he had some great, great throws in the game and from a running back standpoint, that's where me and Daniel (Thomas) come in. We're going to do our best to attack the defense, create big plays."

On whether the loss is being amplified too much: "Well, a win is a win and a loss is a loss, so you know. To me, no matter where it happens …obviously, if it happens in the playoffs, it's a different magnitude, but if you win or lose in the regular season, it is what it is. I don't know if it's greater … obviously, it depends on the situation and obviously, for us, you want to start the season … everybody does, everyone wants to start the season with a win. Obviously, it wasn't the way we envisioned to begin the season. We would like to start the season off 1-0 just like everybody else envisions it. Obviously, this one hurts because it's a divisional game, it wasn't just a Monday night game, it was a divisional game. It's a little extra riding on this game and we were unable to win. I think that it's been said before when you lose a divisional game, it's all most like losing a game and a half because you're chasing that team. We've got a ways to go, some ground to make up, but we're going to start with the Houston Texans."

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