Sparano: Can't Lose Hope After Two Games

Two games — and two losses — into the season, the Miami Dolphins are already facing a crisis of confidence. Following the team's 23-13 defeat to the Houston Texans on Sunday, veteran linebacker Jason Taylor questioned whether his teammates believed enough to win.

"Not everybody, but I'm sure there is a faction of the group that's kind of trying to figure this thing out, figure out where we are," Taylor said. "That's kind of the part of losing sometimes is you start to question, second-guess a little bit, question yourself, question what you're doing a as team.

"Until you win, those things will linger out there a little bit. I think winning cures all ills and we're kind of stuck in mud right now, trying to figure out how to get everyone in this room to believe and play like they expect to win. Not hoping to win. But expecting to win."

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano expressed frustration Monday when asked about Taylor's comments.

"My reaction hearing it is, if after two games you don't believe you can win, something is wrong with you," Sparano said.

He added later that he had no issues with Taylor questioning the confidence of his teammates. Sparano also indicated that he understood why his team's confidence could be low.

The Dolphins' 0-2 start came amid two consecutive home games. After winning just a single game at home during the 2010 season, the Dolphins have lost 11 of 12 games overall at Sun Life Stadium.

"Success isn't kind of a sometimes thing, it's got to be more of an all-time thing," Sparano said. "You have to believe that you can change the game when the game isn't quite going your way."

The Dolphins had a chance to do that against the Texans. Down 16-3 at the half, the Dolphins rallied and cut the Texans' lead to 16-13 early in the fourth quarter.

After that, though, the Texans embarked on a long touchdown drive that ended in Matt Schaub's 23-yard touchdown pass to Andre Johnson. The Dolphins didn't score again.

"This team needs to get over the hump that way in those kind of games last night where it's 16-13," Sparano said. "We got to get over the hump and win those kind of games so that they smell that a little bit. But we'll get there, we'll absolutely get there."

The Dolphins play five of their next six games at home. Veteran safety Yeremiah Bell described the Dolphins next game, on Sunday at Cleveland, as a "must win."

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