Marshall Matters

Brandon Marshall put himself in the spotlight before last Monday night's game against the Jets with his declaration that he would get himself kicked out by the second quarter, but he's in the background this week because of the Gator Day celebration, because of Tim Tebow and because of the "Suck for Luck" discussion.

After what happened Monday night, when Marshall dropped yet another touchdown pass and also failed to stay in bounds on a play that should have resulted in a score, perhaps he prefers it that way.

We don't know for sure because Marshall didn't address the media, as he usually does on Thursdays.

We'd expect him to speak on Friday, although there are no guarantees.

Marshall, who said after the Jets game he was joking about his goal of getting thrown out, no doubt will be asked about going against his former team for the first time.

He also would be likely to be asked about his continued problems with dropped passes and the fact he's just not performing like a guy getting the kind of money he's getting.

In short, there aren't many happy things to discuss for Marshall, who leads the Dolphins in receiving but has had a highly disappointing season.

The reality is the Dolphins really need Marshall to become more consistent and produce more big plays if they are to get out of the rut they're stuck in.

Forget about Tebow, Gator Day or Andrew Luck, that's what the Dolphins really need these days.

Maybe Sunday is the day Marshall gets going. And who better to do it against than the team with which he began his NFL career.

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