Dolphins Despise 'Suck for Luck'

The Dolphins host the Denver Broncos on Sunday at Sun Life Stadium and the storylines are surprisingly abundant for a matchup between teams with a combined 1-9 record. For one, Tim Tebow, the former University of Florida standout, will be making his first start of the season.

Then there's the Dolphins' "Gator Day" celebration, in which the team will celebrate the 2008 national championship that Tebow and Florida won inside Sun Life Stadium against Oklahoma. Of course, the Dolphins also stand a good chance to win their first game on Sunday.

After all, the Broncos haven't looked all that much better this season — if any better — than the winless Dolphins. Still, while those topics have created discussion inside the Dolphins' locker room, none has generated the amount of emotion as this one: Suck for Luck.

The Suck for Luck movement has taken hold of a frustrated, bitter Dolphins fan base. Those who support it are hoping the 0-5 Dolphins continue their losing ways so that they might be able to secure the top pick in the NFL Draft. Which, of course, they could use to select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

The notion of tanking the season for a chance to draft Luck has been a popular topic, at least among Dolphins' fans, since the start of the season. Now it has come to the point that Coach Tony Sparano and his players have been asked to comment on it.

As would be expected, Sparano expressed disgust earlier this week about the idea that a team would lose games to improve its draft position - and the idea that fans would support such a thing. Both linebacker Karlos Dansby and running back Reggie Bush also expressed disbelief that fans would be in favor of it.

Jason Taylor, meanwhile, might have had the harshest words for those who favor "Suck for Luck."

"Me even acknowledging it is kind of condoning the stupidity but it is what it is," Taylor said. "People are going to talk about it. I think (Luck) addressed it and said it was ridiculous. I'm going to say the same thing."

Taylor said the players would quit before being part of a plan to improve draft position through losing.

"There would be a revolt," Taylor said. "And Tony's just not that guy. Tony's never going to quit at anything. And I think he would quit before he let that happen. And to be honest, there would be no team to field on the field because everybody in that locker room would walk before we did that."

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