Sparano Keeps the Faith

The Dolphins might not have much to be proud about amid their 0-6 start, but they at least have hope. Embattled coach Tony Sparano said he hasn't given up and that his players haven't either.

The Dolphins have lost games in a variety of ways this season.

In the season opener, they allowed a record-setting passing performance by Tom Brady and the Patriots. The Dolphins lost in the final minute at Cleveland in Week 3.

And then came the debacle against the Broncos on Sunday, when second-year quarterback Tim Tebow threw two touchdown passes in the final three minutes of regulation and then ran in a game-tying two-point conversion to force the game into overtime.

To the surprise of no one, Denver prevailed after Miami surrendered a 15-point lead late in the fourth quarter. That was the Dolphins' latest embarrassment in a season full of them.

The offense has again been a disappointment, and the same issues — red-zone failures and third-down inefficiency — continue to be a problem. Defense, which was supposed to be a strength of the team, has been a complete letdown. Yet Sparano believes a turnaround is possible.

"I just have a lot of confidence in this group of people that they're fighters and they just keep fighting," Sparano said. "They're playing hard, so that encourages me. I see young guys doing good things. I see veteran guys doing good things. That part of it encourages me.

"I just got to believe that if you keep your head down and you keep going and you stay positive and you do those things, that good things are going to happen at some point."

They haven't happened yet for the Dolphins, who have twice in the final minutes failed to close out games they've led for their entirety.

Still, Sparano said, "I believe in those guys in that locker room. I just do. I see it every day, and sooner or later here we're going to get one of these things. And it's going to turn. That's what I believe."

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