Bush's Comments Create Sir

Reggie Bush created a bit of controversy on Sunday when he said the Miami Dolphins are a team that "stinks" following their 18-15 defeat against the Denver Broncos — a loss in which the Dolphins blew a 15-point lead in the final three minutes of regulation.

Yeremiah Bell, the Dolphins' veteran safety, expressed frustration when asked earlier this week about Bush's comments. Bell on Thursday said that Bush's postgame comments on Sunday had been "taken out of context."

"We're together in this locker room," Bell said. "We know that we're not doing very well right now and we know that there's outside influences that are trying to kind of break us apart.

"But, you know, we're not buying into that."

Bush, though, stood by his comments on Thursday — just days before the Dolphins' game at the New York Giants. Asked if he had been taken out of context after the loss against the Broncos, Bush said, "What else would I mean?"

He included himself as part of the Dolphins' problem, too.

"I do stink," he said. "We all stink. When it comes to 0-6, everybody stinks. There's nothing good about being 0-6. We all have not been good enough, and that's what I meant by those comments."

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano and his players have insisted that the locker room remains unified. Bush, meanwhile, said he didn't intend for his comments to offend his teammates.

But he also said his teammates shouldn't have been offended by his choice of words.

"There's no room for sensitivity in this league," Bush said. "This is a man's game and we all signed on the dotted line."

Bush came to the Dolphins to be an every-down, featured back, but it hasn't worked out that way. He has struggled to be the between-the-tackles runner he believes he can be.

And he hasn't often factored into the passing game. Still, he believes there's hope yet for the Dolphins.

"It's time for a little gut check," Bush said. "What do we want to do? Do we want to listen to the media and maybe lose the rest of these games, and play for the first pick? Or do we want to play for a little pride and turn this thing around, and maybe make a push for the playoffs?"

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