The Daily Take will be posted on weekdays and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss the start of quarterback school.

The Dolphins began the second of their four offseason quarterback schools, and while the no-pads, guys-in-shorts workout sessions don't provide much of an indication of things to come in the fall, it's a good time for several players to make good impressions.

Because there is no contact involved, the emphasis is on the receivers and defensive backs.

With that in mind, some of the players who could benefit the most from a strong showing this week and in the last QB schools are mostly defensive backs: Arturo Freeman, Jamar Fletcher and Omare Lowe.

Freeman and Fletcher are two young players the Dolphins once counted on heavily but who are facing the prospect of severely diminished roles.

Freeman could lose his starting job to newly acquired veteran Sammy Knight, while Fletcher's playing time would all but disappear if the Dolphins go through with their plan to keep Patrick Surtain on the outside at all times.

That plan might hinge on whether they can get a contribution from Lowe, who missed most of his rookie season because of an ankle injury.

No definitive answers are going to come this week, but the picture could begin to take shape.

That's why it's important for Freeman, Fletcher and Lowe to make a good impression whenever they can.

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