Final Game 9 Observations

The Dolphins enjoyed their traditional Tuesday off before getting back to the practice field to begin their preparations for Sunday's home game against Buffalo. It gives us a chance to take a last look at the 20-9 victory over the Washington Redskins.

• This one was all about the defense, and you have to start with Karlos Dansby. He was simply sensational. Now, he may have gotten carried away afterward when he said he's the best linebacker in the league, but on this day it was difficult to top his performance.

• Another interesting comment he made was saying he came to camp after the lockout at 270 pounds, obviously very much over his ideal weight. That would help explain why he didn't make very much happen in the first several games.

• Jared Odrick took a lot of ribbing for his Pee Wee Herman dance to celebrate his sack. Me? Loved it. Also like the fact that he's quietly got three sacks, which isn't bad for a 3-4 defensive end.

• On the flip side, Cameron Wake wasn't noticeable at all in this game. He's actually been pretty quiet all year, truth be told.

• Nice pick by Vontae Davis, whose return to the starting lineup was a great sight.

• The Dolphins completely shut down Redskins starting running back Ryan Torain, continuing their great work against the run. It hasn't really been noticeable, but the Dolphins are among the top teams in the league when it comes to rushing yards per carry allowed.

• Offensively, Reggie Bush might have had the two touchdowns, but Anthony Fasano might have been the best player.

• Fasano isn't Jimmy Graham or Jermichael Finley and he'll never have big numbers, but he can be a factor on offense. He had two great catches against Washington.

• The pass protection against the Redskins probably was as good as it's been in a while. And Washington can rush the passer.

• A very solid performance by Matt Moore, particularly in the second half. His first-half interception was a force, though.

• Heard a comment on Monday saying this was a better overall effort and more convincing victory than the one at Kansas City. What? Are you kidding? Not even close. The Dolphins smoked Kansas City. They outlasted Washington.

• Don't believe it? Here's why the Dolphins beat the Redskins: Washington had three goal-to-go situations and came out of those with six out of a potential 21 points. There's your ballgame.

• OK, so it wasn't a beatdown, it still was an impressive victory and now the Dolphins are on a mini-roll. Too bad it came so late.

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