Still Thinking Playoffs

The Miami Dolphins always had a loose locker room despite the team's seven-game losing streak. Morale was usually high, and as the team got closer and closer to pulling off wins confidence grew. After putting together a two-game winning streak, it's become clear the Dolphins are becoming a bit arrogant heading into Sunday's home game against Buffalo (5-4).

Some players are openly talking about this 2-7 team shocking the NFL world by winning the final seven games and somehow, some way earning a playoff spot.

"I went to the Super Bowl at 9-7 so it can be done," linebacker Karlos Dansby said, referring to a 2008 Arizona team that lost four of its last six games, but made it to Super Bowl XLIII, which the Cardinals lost 27-23 to the Steelers.

"Guys are believing in it," Dansby said, referring to the team's altered approach, which has both the offense and defense being more aggressive. "We're coming in week in and week out trying to get better. We have an opportunity to right the end of this season."

Even the coaching staff has jumped on board, calling games with a nothing-to-lose attitude, which is exactly what coach Tony Sparano's staff has at stake considering owner Steve Ross demanded a winning season on the first day of training camp.

For instance, the Dolphins opened Sunday's win over Washington running a Wildcat play, which featured quarterback Matt Moore taking an end around from rookie tailback Daniel Thomas and throwing a deep, but underthrown pass to Brandon Marshall, which the Redskins broke up.

Later in the game, the Dolphins unleashed a wing-T formation, which featured three backs lined up behind the quarterback.

"Sometimes when you're not winning it is hard to see that progress is being made," Sparano said. "All of a sudden it's transferred to a few wins."

And wins have transferred into what tailback Reggie Bush calls a "different confidence," that supersedes the fake bravado the Dolphins had earlier this season.

But now there's little chance of sneaking up on opponents, and that certainly won't be the case with the Bills, which have lost two straight, and featured an injury-depleted roster.

The Dolphins are favored for the fourth time this season, and the third game at home this year. But Bush said the Bills are better than Washington and Kansas City, therefore the team's execution needs to be crisp.

After all, the Dolphins can't afford another loss if the team's playoff pipedreams are to stay alive.

"Anything is possible," Marshall said about making the playoffs. "I read somewhere that it's not impossible until you do it. This is a unique team, unique situation. With the guys we have in this locker room it's not hard. We know what we've got to do."

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