The Daily Take will be posted on weekdays and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss the departure of Derrick Rodgers.

Derrick Rodgers is now gone, having been traded to New Orleans after he spent six seasons in a Dolphins uniform.

What kind of player was he? Well, he was a starter throughout his stay in Miami, but he certainly was no Pro Bowler.

In fact, the sad part about Rodgers' Dolphins career is that he started off well as a rookie and simply never seemed to get better.

We have said on many occasions that the Dolphins' outside linebackers can only do so much because of the defensive scheme, but at some point the players have to be held responsible as well.

Another problem Rodgers had was that he played defensive end at Arizona State, then was asked to switched to linebacker.

So perhaps we shouldn't have expected too much. From this vantage point, the Dolphins could have used an upgrade over Rodgers for the last few years, but never could find somebody good enough.

They got that when they acquired Junior Seau from the San Diego Chargers.

A weakside linebacker clearly should make more of an impact than Rodgers.

Put simply, he was what he was: a decent, OK player. But the Dolphins are striving to be more than just decent and OK. That's when they needed to replace Rodgers.

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