Pregame Observations: Philadelphia Edition

There was some rain in North Dade Sunday morning, albeit not enough to make a signficicant difference in the afternoon game between the Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles. The Dolphins come into this game having won four of their last five, while the Eagles have done the opposite by losing four of five.

• So one trend has to continue.Michael Vick and the Dolphins' ability to contain his running and force him into bad throws.

• It might depend on the Dolphins continuing their great work in run defense and continaining LeSean McCoy, who comes in 3 yards shy of the NFL rushing.

• It might be the ability to keep DeSean Jackson from breaking a long play. Sure, Jackson has done some pouting this season while he seeks a new contract, but he's also got the ability to go deep at any time.

• Or maybe the Dolphins just need for Matt Moore to have another error-free performance.

• Then again, the Dolphins do need to protect him and keep stud pass-rushing defensive ends Jason Babin and Trent Cole off him.

• Brandon Marshall having a big day would help, and it will be interesting to see whether the Eagles match up Nnamdi Asomugha on him, something he did when he was in Oakland and Marshall was in Denver.

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