The Daily Take will be posted on weekdays and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss the Brian Griese negotiations.

Just about everyone assumed Brian Griese would be in a Dolphins uniform by now, but as of late Tuesday afternoon there had been no announcement of any kind.

In fact, the Dolphins did make a roster move on Tuesday, but it involved not Griese but wide receiver Chris Jackson instead.

As for Griese, it still looks like the Dolphins are the front-runners to sign the former Broncos quarterback, and the question is whether there are any other teams interested in his services.

New Dallas coach Bill Parcells was rather emphatic on Monday about saying he wasn't interested, but agent Ralph Cindrich indicated there were some teams interested, although he declined to say who they were.

Hmmm. It wouldn't be the first time an agent has lied about interest for a client to drive up the price.

The big hurdle to Griese signing with the Dolphins is the structure of the contract. Griese certainly doesn't want to be tied up to a multi-year deal that's not going to pay him starter money should he become the starter, while the Dolphins want to protect themselves as well.

The bottom line is that Griese probably is still coming to Miami. It just might take a little longer than first anticipated.

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