Osborne Spills The Beans

Dutchtown tight end Alec Osborne has been keeping his college destination tight lipped but was so pumped up about signing day he spilled the beans with Warhawk Nation.com tonight.

"I'm going to be signing with ULM in the morning", said an excited Alec Osborne.

Osborne showed up at Dutchtown high school a 5'10 130 pound freshman who thought he would be the next big safety to come out of the school. Things didn't quite go as planned as Osborne will sign with ULM as a TE.

"I'm now 6'3.5 and 221 pounds", said Alec. Last spring Osborne was sitting at a shade over 200 when he camped with the Warhawks at St Amant high school.

"I met Coach Farmer and he told me there was no way I could play the TE position at 200 pounds that I needed to put some weight on and they would talk about an offer".

"I probably talked to 20-25 coaches in the spring and ULM was the first school to call me and give me a written scholarship offer".

With Osborne the Warhawks are expected to sign three tight ends in this class. A number that had Alec concerned when he already saw that Nick Jones and Chadd Dansby were committed.

"I didn't think ULM was going to offer because they already had two guys committed but after talking to them I realized my skill set was different than the other two". "One of them could possibly move to DE".

Alec brings a unique blend of size and speed (4.61 forty at camp) in that he has the ability to be an every down player for the Warhawks.

"ULM thinks they can keep the same personnel on the field with me in that I can play the H-Back, TE, and split out as a WR and cause match up problems". "I am very mobil for my size".

The Warhawks were not the only school looking to land Alec and one Sun Belt foe was hot on his trail as well.

"FIU came onto me not too long ago and wanted me to take a visit". "I talked to ULM about it and they said if I was going to take the visit to FIU then I shouldn't commit to ULM".

"I took an early flight out Friday morning and sitting in my hotel room it hit me that I wanted to play for ULM". "I called up Coach Berry and told him I wanted to commit".

"Coach Berry was pumped, he was worried that they were not going to get me because of my visit to FIU".

Alec also was courted during the summer and picked up verbal offers from Louisiana-Lafayette, Appalachian State, and Northwestern State.

"My brother played OT at ULL but got too many concussions and had to give football up". "I camped at ULL and the TE coach told me they were taking 2 TE's and that I was going to be one of them but they stopped calling me about three months ago".

"That's ok because I have already circled the ULL game on the schedule next year".

"My teammate wears jersery #90 and is signing with ULL as a DE and I wear #89 and I'm signing with ULM as a TE". "The war of words has already started", joked Alec.

Speaking of 2012, Osborne says playing as a true freshman is a wait and see process. "I think the staff would like to see me get up to 230 pounds". "They said if I am ready they will not redshirt me".

Alec plans on faxing his LOI early in the morning and will have his signing day celebration in the schools gym at 12:30.

Dutchtown ran the ball 90% of the time but you can catch some short clips of Alec below.

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