Sherman on Tannehill

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman obviously knows Ryan Tannehill better than anybody else associated with the team, having coached him at Texas A&M the last four years. So it only made sense that he was asked to offer his thoughts after the Dolphins made Tannehill their first-round pick Thursday night.

Here is a statement from Sherman about Tannehill, courtesy of the Dolphins:

Ryan Tannehill is a unique individual. Much has been said about his intellect and athleticism. What hasn't been discussed is his unselfish nature and his ‘team first' mentality, which fits in with Coach Philbin's philosophy.

Four years ago when we were down receivers I asked him to play that position for us because we needed help there. He put his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback on hold to accommodate my request in order to help his team win.

As far as his quarterback skill level is concerned I doubt there is a player on Jeff Ireland's draft board who has been scrutinized more than Ryan Tannehill. The general consensus is that he is a talented quarterback with a tremendous upside.

As his former Head Coach I agree with that evaluation. He has just scratched the surface as a quarterback. His learning curve, however, will be enhanced and accelerated simply because he is coming to an offensive scheme and terminology where he has a lot of familiarity.

He is an extremely competitive person and will embrace the responsibility that goes with being the 8th pick in the NFL draft. There is no doubt he will work to exceed those expectations. I am excited to have him in the quarterback room with Matt (Moore), David (Garrard) and Pat (Devlin). He will be a great addition to that group. It will be very competitive, to say the least.

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