Draft Pick Q&A: WR Rishard Matthews

Each of the Dolphins' nine selections in the 2012 NFL draft spoke to the media via conference call after being picked. Here's what seventh-round pick Rishard Matthews, a wide receiver from Nevada, had to say.

On how do you feel to be a Dolphin: "I'm real excited. It's a great organization. I just can't wait to be a part of it I'm glad to be a part of it, overwhelmed."

On what NFL player did you idolize growing up, and why: "I admired all the great players. I'm a guy that watches football year in and year out. I admire all the great players, especially receivers. As long as you do good to represent the league on and off the field, I admire you."

On your biggest strengths: "I would say I have excellent ball skills and my ability to make plays after the catch. I would say excellent and I would say I can play on any special teams. I also do punt return. Like I said, I can start on any special teams. I played free safety at high school. I can go down and make a tackle and do all that."

On if attending seven different high schools and colleges impacted your playing career: "I would say it matured me in different situations getting in and out of situations. It just helped me be more mature and look at life more of an importance and realize that anything can be taken away from you at anytime."

On having discipline will not be an issue considered your father's military background: "My dad is a retired drill sergeant, Master Sergeant. And I got the most discipline I believe anybody can get and so I respect it and like I said I've matured a lot from it. And it helped to have a better look out on life on how you raise your kids and just how you represent yourself as a person."

On being worried you wouldn't be drafted, is this where you expected to be drafted: "I didn't have any expectations. I just wanted my name to get called any pick of the draft. Whether it was earlier or not. I'm glad it got called and I'm glad and happy to be a Miami Dolphin."

On what do you need to improve your game: "Improve my game I would say I take pride in blocking so just finishing my blocks. I know I finish my blocks now, but I just want my guy to get on the pile. Do all I can to do that and improve on that."

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