Draft Pick Q&A: DT Kheeston Randall

Each of the Dolphins' nine selections in the 2012 NFL draft spoke to the media via conference call after being picked. Here's what seventh-round pick Kheeston Randall, a defensive tackle from Texas, had to say.

On how he got the nickname "Big Money": "When I was at Texas, I'm originally from Beaumont, Texas and everybody in Beaumont they call it Big Money so they just felt like calling me that. It's nothing really to do with money at all."

On what he considers his strongest assets: "Just my motivation and dedication to the game."

On what he feels he needs to work on the most to excel: "Definitely, just the whole aspect of football because I can constantly get better no matter how good I get. Like working on small techniques. Watching more players in my size and just learning from them and just constantly being in the film room like I've been doing in Texas."

On which player he grew up admiring and why: "Right now, I loved watching Kevin Williams. The fact is he's a bigger guy like myself and he moves real well and Kyle Vanden Bosch and just like all those bigger, taller defensive linemen that I have learned a lot from."

On what this experience like: "It's an emotional high but at the same time I know that I have to go out and prove why the Dolphins picked me and so it's just the confidence and it's just the beginning."

On what he thought of Ryan Tannehill in the game they played against him: "I thought Tannehill was a real good quarterback and I know he'll do the same in the NFL, especially coming from Texas, Big 12; playing against some of those defenses. I definitely feel he'll be one of the best new quarterbacks in this league."

On what his vision in terms of schemes: "I'm not really worried about the scheme. I'm more worried about learning that position at any position on the d-line and just gaining experience and learning every single day so when I put it together I'll be in a position that to make plays to help the team."

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