Draft Pick Q&A: WR B.J. Cunningham

Each of the Dolphins' nine selections in the 2012 NFL draft spoke to the media via conference call after being picked. Here's what sixth-round pick B.J. Cunningham, a wide receiver from Michigan State, had to say.

On what his strengths are as a receiver: "I feel like my game is all around. I feel like I can bring physicalness [sic] at the receiver position. I block well, I can go across the middle, if the quarterback puts it on me I feel I can go out and get it, I can extend to get the ball, I can adjust to the ball. I feel like I'm blessed to be in this situation and I can't wait to get started."

On what wide receiver he grew up watching and admiring: "I watched Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings, I mean, about six other guys. Those are my favorite ones. They're big receivers but they still run great routes and block and that's my game when compared to those guys."

On what it was like waiting to the sixth round: "It's a little stressful but you prepare yourself for it. My family and friends, they were helping me through it. Most of the guys being picked are my friends and I knew a lot of them, so I'd sent them a text of congratulations. It's exciting, the ups and downs of the draft. It's an emotional high. It just feels great."

On what he needs to improve most to bring his game to the next level: "Working on my explosion off the line, attacking DBs, I'd done a lot better than that during my college career. But there's room for improvement. I feel like I'll be able to do that and get on the field and make a contribution."

On if he feels he fits a West Coast offense the best: "I feel like I do, definitely. I'm the type of receiver where I'll line up inside, outside, wherever you want. I'll can routes, on corners, safeties, linebackers, wherever they want to put me, however they utilize me, special teams, whatever they need to do, I'll come out and I'll produce for them."

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