Draft Pick Q&A: LB Josh Kaddu

Each of the Dolphins' nine selections in the 2012 NFL draft spoke to the media via conference call after being picked. Here's what fifth-round pick Josh Kaddu, a linebacker from Oregon, had to say.

On how do you feel about being a Miami Dolphins: "I feel truly blessed just glad to be going out there and playing for the Dolphins and putting on those awesome uniforms."

On what are your strengths: "I feel like I'm a versatile player. I just come in compete, work hard, and I'm just a very versatile player. I feel like I can rush the passer if the team needs me, drop back in coverage, and play man-to-man on the slot, running backs, tight ends where they need me to do. I feel like I can do a lot of things very well and I just hope to prove when I get to the NFL."

On any scouts talking to you about gaining or maintaining your weight to play in the NFL: "I've heard from a number of different things. Some teams have told me I need to gain 10 pounds to play the position they want me to play, but some teams said I'm fine at the weight and just maintain. I don't know exactly what the Dolphins want from me, but I'm ready to do whatever I need too."

On your new teammate Jonathan Martin and your battles in college between Oregon and Stanford: "Yes sir, we went up a few times in our college careers and he's a great player also. I am looking to playing alongside him."

On what NFL player did you admire growing up: "Growing up, I'm going to have to say Ray Lewis. That was the position I've played ever since I was younger. He is a guy that I have tried to mold my game after because his playmaker ability and just the way he changes games and the way he comes down and hit people. Just hoping I can mold my game after him and work to be just 10 percent as good as he has been."

On being a player that himself motivated before the game, similar to Ray Lewis: "Actually, the funny thing is I'm a little laid-back before the game. Once I get into the game and get that first hit, that's what turns it on for me. I just like tolay back and keep my nerves calm. And then once the game comes on, that's when I turn it on."

On viewing yourself as a 3-4 linebacker and what are your strengths: "I'll be whatever the team needs me to be play. I can be a 3-4 outside linebacker or play in a 4-3 outside linebacker. I feel like my strengths are I run well, very athletic, and tackle well. I run well in space and cover well. I just feel like I do a few things very good and I just plan on working on my technique and improving on everything once I get to Miami."

On how is the injury and do you think it affected your draft stock: "I mean, I would just feel like to say that God put me where I needed to be. I feel like the hamstring is something that had to happen and I feel like it didn't hurt me at all. I'm just happy to be going where I went."

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