Draft Pick Q&A: QB Ryan Tannehill

Each of the Dolphins' nine selections in the 2012 NFL draft spoke to the media via conference call after being picked. Here's what second-round pick Jonathan Martin, an offensive tackle from Stanford, had to say.

On how does it feel to be the first Dolphin quarterback selected in the first round since Dan Marino and how does it feel to reunited with your former head coach Mike Sherman: "I'm so excited to get down there to Miami. I can't put it in words. It's a moment I've dreamed about all my life so to finally have the opportunity and go to a great organization like the Miami Dolphins. I can't wait to get down there and join the team."

On how easier will the transition be with Mike Sherman here: "I definitely think it will help. Playing under him for four year in College Station at A&M and learning the game. He's a great coach and a great teacher. Also, Coach Philbin did a great job in Green Bay and looking forward in working with both of them."

On having a feeling Miami was going to select you tonight: "I really didn't. I didn't know what to expect coming in. You hear all of the rumors, but other than that didn't know what to expect and so excited to see the Florida area code popup on my phone."

On whether he had spoken with Coach Mike Sherman, General Manager Jeff Ireland, or Coach Joe Philbin in the past few days: "No, I haven't spoken to them in the last few days. Like I said, I was in the dark."

On sitting a year and growing into the position: "I'm just excited to go down there and join the team. Whatever the situation is I have a lot to learn. I want to go in and learn from the guys that are there, Matt (Moore) and David (Garrard). Good players and they've been around for awhile so I have a lot to learn from them. Looking forward to getting into the locker room, getting to know those guys and getting back to playing football."

On wanting to compete or accepting to sit for a year: "I want to compete. That's just the competitor in me. Obviously, with competition also comes learning. It doesn't have to be a hostile competition. Just competing we're all football players and we're all competitors. That's the driving force behind the game. Just because I say I want to compete doesn't mean I think I should be the starter. I have to go in, join the team, and get to know the guys and learn from them. I have a lot to learn from the veterans."

On ever visiting Miami: "I've been down there one time. It was just for a day game. We played Miami my redshirt freshman year, but other than that, no. But I've heard great things though."

On how are you going to change the perception of the franchise: "I'm just excited to get down there. We'll see what happens when I am down there. I'm just excited to be the first pick of the Miami Dolphins this year. To get down to Miami, join the team, and get back to football like I said. I know the Dolphins have been working out for a few weeks now and I can't wait to get into the locker room and know the guys and start working."

On feeling the pressure to delivery right away after being selected in the first round: "I don't think it would be more pressure than it would be at any other spot. I'm excited. I put pressure on myself to be a good player. I want to be a great player one day so I'm excited about the opportunity and I welcome the pressure from the organization because I believe in the organization. And I'm glad that they drafted me."

On what he needs to improve: "I feel like I can improve on everything in my game. As a competitor, as a quarterback I feel like I want to get better in every aspect of my game. One thing I worked on a lot this offseason was my feet…just being smooth through my transition, making good accurate throws to my left. I think I've learned a lot. I think my self-placement and body control is 100 times better going to my left than what it was going to my left four months ago. Continue working on my feet and just continue to learn the game."

On the biggest challenge in the transition: "From the guys I've talked too, just the speed of the game. It's a different level. Guys are a little bit bigger and move a little bit faster as a whole. If I had to say one thing I would have to say the speed of the game."

On seeing your name in the same sentence with Dan Marino, how does that feel: "It's humbling, he's a legend, great player. Great quarterback for the Miami Dolphins franchise and I'm excited to hopefully reach out to him and learn from him. I know he's been around a long time and played a lot of football so I'm excited to get in touch with him and hopefully learn from him."

On feeling pressure to live up to past first-round Dolphins quarterbacks such as Dan Marino and Bob Griese: "I don't think so. I don't think there's really any connections other than the Miami Dolphins. But there's not a direct connection between that. I don't feel more pressure of Dan Marino. I don't think I'm trying to fill his shoes. He's a great player, but I'm not trying to fill his shoes. I'm my own player and I have a lot to learn. I'm excited to get started."

On what's the greatest strength of your game: "I think my ability to throw on the run, escaping pressure or designed naked bootlegs. My abilities to navigate the pocket while avoiding the rusher and making an accurate throw down field. I just think that the ability to extend plays and make throws on the run adds another element to the game that puts more pressure on the defenses."

On what number are you going to wear: "I think I'm going to wear number 17."

On describing your relationship with Coach Mike Sherman: "It's great. Coach (Mike) Sherman is a great coach and even a better man. I feel like throughout this process he's been supportive and trying to keep the whole, I guess, elephant in the room out of the Miami Dolphins. He's kept in touch as a coach and as a quarterback. If it would be any other situation whether he's still at (Texas) A&M or he went to any other team. It's exciting to get back in touch with him and as well as the rest of the coaching staff."

On asking Coach Mike Sherman what they're going to do: "No, I try to keep that out of it. I don't think he would of told me anyways. Just didn't want to shake things up, but never asked him."

On having difference with Coach Mike Sherman at Texas A&M about playing quarterback rather than receiver: "I wouldn't say at odds. I definitely wanted to play the quarterback position. He first sat down with me and told me I was going to move to receiver and I wasn't going to be the starter. I told him I thought he was making a mistake and I was the best quarterback he had on the roster. But I think he will always remember that moment. He said it was the funniest moments and best moments he had with me."

On the decision to put you back at quarterback: "Yeah, it was a moment I waited for a long time. Throughout my time here I wanted to play quarterback. When he finally called me up to his office and said get ready to play this week. That was the moment I've been waiting for to finally get in there and get in the action. I wasn't going to let that opportunity slip."

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