Quick Take: The Ochocinco Signing

The Dolphins' signing of Chad Ochocinco has generated a lot of attention because the former Chad Johnson is one of the most flamboyant players in the entire NFL. The move has its critics, who say Ochocinco doesn't have much left after flopping in New England, but it also has it supporters. So was it a good move or a bad move?

There's no question Ochocinco is coming off a bad year in New England, and the recent reports suggesting he couldn't learn the Patriots' offensive scheme clearly are disturbing.

Ochocinco also bring a personality that can difficult to deal with because the man does love attention — I mean, he created the OchoCinco News Network for crying out loud.

He's certainly not above complaining if he feels he's not being used the right way, something that happened more than once in Cincinnati.

So, yes, there is some risk involved.

But how much risk?

Per reports, the Dolphins signed him to the veteran minimum and if he doesn't perform up to standards in training camp, they can cut their losses by cutting him.

Same if Johnson (sorry, have a hard time bringing myself to calling him Ochocinco) proves to be disruptive.

But here's the flip side: As annoying as Johnson can be at times, he's also never been in trouble off the field. He's also not a guy without ability.

Remember, he has made the Pro Bowl six times, the last time coming in 2009 when he had his seventh 1,000-yard season.

It's also not as though the Dolphins are loaded at wide receiver these days.

We had no problem whatsoever with the trade of Brandon Marshall because that guy, as talented as he is, is a negative influence in a locker room. Just think, Marshall has never made the playoffs in his career despite routinely reaching 1,000 yards.

But the reality is that the loss of Marshall left the Dolphins pretty light at the position. I love Davone Bess, but he's not an elite wide receiver unless Tom Brady is his quarterback — I've said it many times, Davone Bess is Wes Welker.

As for the other receivers, Brian Hartline, Legedu Naanee, Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace, Clyde Gates and other young players isn't exactly a who's who.

Joe Philbin said it himself on Monday that he had hoped that one of them would have separated himself from the pack by now and it hadn't happened.

Chad Johnson, although not quite the receiver he once was, very well could be in the starting lineup for the Dolphins once Sept. 9 rolls around. He's clearly above and beyond what the Dolphins have on the roster.

Of course, things have to pan out. Ochocinco has to grasp the West Coast offense and he has to put in the time. If he does, the Dolphins will have had a steal. If he doesn't, they can just release him. No harm done.

Sounds like a good deal, no?

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