Ochocinco's Comments

Chad Ochocinco drew quite the crowd when he addressed the media following Tuesday's minicamp practice. It was the first time the veteran wide receiver had spoken to reporters since signing with the Dolphins last week. While the interview session lasted only 1 minute, 43 seconds, Ochocinco nonetheless had his share of interesting comments.

Here's the transcript of Ochocinco's media session:

Q: On how his workout went and his brief time with the Dolphins: "The workout was good. It's been very good the past couple of days. Enjoying an opportunity to come here and play at home, play with a great organization. A lot of changes being made here. The coaching staff, I'm enjoying it. Developing a ‘Brokeback Mountain' type chemistry with the players. I'm just having fun. It feels good to have a fresh start and I'm looking to do whatever I can to improve not only on my game but to help this organization get back to where they want to be."

On whether he thinks he's the No. 1 receiver on the team: "I was never good with math, so I'm not good with numbers, either."

On playing for his hometown team: "It's been a childhood dream of mine, growing up watching the Marks Brothers, watching Dan, some of those guys. It's awesome. Throughout the years, since 1988 I've always played Madden, I've always used the Dolphins no matter where I was playing and to be able to wear the teal and orange, it's a pretty good feeling. But for me, it's about me getting back to the basics, going back to the root of how it all started, not as far as playing at home in Miami but as far as my game goes and getting back to what we're all used to seeing, the basic fundamentals of how I became what I am. I think I kind of lost that and I'm looking to go back to Chad Johnson and just make it live again.

"That's about it. I really don't have much else to say. If any of you guys have any other questions, I pretty much covered everything there is to talk about. I love you. Enjoy the show."

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