The Dolphins Discussion will be posted periodically until the start of training camp and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss the injury sustained by David Bowens.

The thing that immediately jumps out at you when you hear about David Bowens' knee injury, the one that occurred in a freak accident at home and that required surgery, is: poor guy.

This is a guy who just can't catch a break.

Here's Bowens, working hard to get himself in great physical condition after battling hand and knee injuries for most of the 2002 season. Then there's Bowens, watching most of his season go down the drain simply because he landed wrong when he jumped off a ladder at home.

Ouch! It hurts in more ways than one.

For the Dolphins, it's a setback, no question about it, because Bowens is a good backup defensive lineman and he's also a spirited guy on special teams.

Fortunately, this is where the Dolphins' depth comes into play. The Dolphins have two other solid backup defensive ends already in place in Rob Burnett and Jay Williams, so Bowens' absence probably won't be felt very much.

What this does, however, is increase the importance of getting Adewale Ogunleye signed. His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has said his client won't hold out, but at some point one of the two sides is going to have to budge.

One thing Bowens' freakish injury clearly showed is that no matter how well you plan, one little misstep can throw a lot of those plans off kilter.

Just keeping knocking on wood this is the last of the Dolphins' bad luck this season.

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