Training Camp Q&A: WR Davone Bess

At the conclusion of Saturday's morning practice, wide receiver Davone Bess addressed a group of reporters. He's what Bess had to say on a variety of topics.

On the offense: "We did a good job of getting the reps in during the spring. Most of it was just carryover. Now it's about fine-tuning and conditioning, getting ready for this upcoming season. We're excited."

On the receivers: "We're really deep in our receiver room. The more we stay on each other, the more we push each other, the better off we'll be, which will make this team better."

On what he likes about the offense: "The versatility of it. You can be in any spot. Any player can be in any spot. It gives us the advantage. Defense can't really go off of one alignment, they've got to know concepts, they've got to play it honest overall. It puts all of us in good positions to win."

On the pace of the offense: "It's even faster because if you know it, it becomes natural. The more reps you get, the more it becomes second nature. I think the coaches are doing a good job by throwing a lot at us and us coming out repping it and making the most of it."

On the QB battle between Matt Moore and David Garrard: "They're doing a good job of handling it. We know the media is all over it, man. Those guys know what's at stake. They both want to start, they both want to play. They're both good competitors. It's going to bring the best out of both of them. Like I said, it's going to make the team better."

On not having a clear No. 1 quarterback eing an issue: "Normally, it would, just naturally in any situation. But the coaches are doing a good job at getting both of them reps, so that way we can build that chemistry with both of them."

On building chemistry with the two QBs: "Right now, I would say it's pretty even. Like I said, the coaches are giving them both the right amount of reps. We're pretty much in there all the time. The chemistry is there. The more reps you take, the chemistry just continues to grow."

On the talent level on the Dolphins: "We've got the pieces, man. We've just got to put it together. From all across the board — offense, defense — we've got the pieces. It's just all about taking it to the next level, holding ourselves accountable and making that next step."

On whether the Dolphins had talent the last two, three years: "We did. Every year you want to be optimistic. You want to stay positive and try to get the good out of every situation. Every year is different and this year is different as well. The coaches made the right moves to bring the right people in and get rid of the right people. Now, it's just about building that team unity and getting ready for Sundays."

On Brandon Marshall being gone and whether he'll benefit from that: "Who knows? We'll know come season time. Brandon was a great addition. Ultimate competitor. He made our football team better, but it just didn't work with management obviously. I'm not in a position to call out or say it feels right or wrong. We'll see. We'll all about moving forward."

On Marshall being gone meaning more catches for him: "If it was up to me, I would love to get the ball more. What receiver wouldn't? This offense gives you a lot of diversity, so you get to be in different positions and to make plays."

On learning a new offense: "It was thrown at us pretty quick, so initially it was a little hard, but now I think it's a little bit easier the more familiar we're getting with it."

On the difficulty of learning a new offense:

"Every system for the most part, the concepts, it's the same. It's all about learning new language, new terminology, so for the most part, the transition wasn't too hard. It's still football."

On the danger of the quarterback battle dividing the locker room: "For the most part, we've got two good guys. The more and more confident they both get, the competition will get a lot more heated. But off the field, they're both great guys. They'll hold chips. They talk to each other every day and it's a friendly battle, but at the end of the day it's going to make both of them better."

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