Scrimmage Soundbites

The defense dominated the Dolphins' intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday morning, but Coach Joe Philbin and his players said afterward it was a productive day as the team gets ready for its preseason opener Friday night against Tampa Bay. Here's what Philbin and selected players had to say about the scrimmage.


On how Ryan Tannehill looked: "I thought he threw a good ball on the first one. We'll take a look at the tape when we get back to the office to see how close it was, but he threw the ball down the field well. Again, I think he showed good poise, doesn't look too big for him here in the stadium and coaches on the side and plays coming down from the coordinators upstairs and through that whole communication process. I didn't like one of the balls he threw in the corner down here but of course I was yelling on the touchdown pass, ‘Run, run, run,' and then he threw a touchdown."

On how Tannehill looked against the first-team defense: "I thought he did well. Again, I thought he looked comfortable, I thought he looked natural out there and it wasn't too big for him. We'll have to look and again watch the tape a little closer but I think he did some good things."

On whether the first play being play-action was a message: "Yeah, a little bit. Again, we've said all along you've got to believe in your players so if this guy's going to be playing for us and he's going to be the future for us potentially at some point in time, or whoever our quarterback is, you've got to have faith. If a play's in the plan and in the offense it should be good enough to run."

On how the defense played and the pressure from the first unit: "I thought it was good. I like our package that we have and Kevin and his staff have come up with a good plan; it's multiple and it presents a lot of challenging looks. So if you don't game plan properly they sometimes can catch you unprepared, but I thought it was good."

On how much progress has been made from the start of camp: "I'd like to watch the tape a little bit but I feel good about the pace with which we're practicing with, the effort we're getting on a consistent basis. This is the 8th challenging practice physically and we haven't had one bad practice so to speak as a whole football team. Certainly there have been periods where we wish the offense had done better or the defense had done better. Just like yesterday's practice, our offense was real effective in the red zone but then our defense stepped up and played well in two minute. So I like the way the team's practicing."

On whether he has any concerns: "I don't like our gun snaps. We've put the ball on the ground a couple of times in our center/quarterback exchange. You can't do that in a game and expect to win. I'm very concerned about that but overall I'm pleased with the direction we're headed right now."

On whether anyone stood out to him today: "Nothing specific right now. I was kind of just standing out making sure that we had 11 guys out on the field at the right time and one time we didn't. We'll take a look at the film but there's nothing really jumping out on me yet."

On concerns about Matt Moore's performance and getting only one first down: "Not really, unless there were some bad decisions or bad throws. We'll take a look. Again, it's a body of work we're looking at. We rolled the guys through and each guy got opportunities with the first group and we felt that was important today. We accomplished that and sometimes it's hard to get exactly the right snaps based on what happens out on the field, but overall I thought we got done what we were looking to get done."

On whether he is at the point now where one guy will get more snaps than another: "We might be. We're going to watch the tape and have a personnel meeting after we all sit down. We're going to watch the tape as a staff and our coaches were the first guys out of here. They're already on the bus and they're already looking at the tape on the way back. We'll take a look at it. We're going to meet later after we meet with the players and we're going to make the corrections from the film and then we'll see where we're at."

On moving practice up an hour: "As you can tell we're real experts with the weather. That was my call. Some people wanted to stay over in Davie. Yeah, that's the great part about being a meteorologist, nobody can second-guess you because you can say the clouds came and went. Yeah, that was my brilliant decision as you can tell and it didn't work out."

Anthony Fasano

On Tannehill's TD pass: "It was really impressive. It was a roll pass, I kind of adjusted my route because of the coverage. He and I were on the same page. It was a great touch pass on the run."

On how typical it is for a rookie to make that kind of pass: "It isn't. I've said it all along and I think everyone has said it, he doesn't really play like a rookie quarterback. It's a great sign to see and he's only going to get better."

On how much bearing today will have on the QB battle: "It's really not my decision, but today is a glorified practice. We're going to go back and review it. I think preseason games will tell us the most. It was a good little step for our operation on game day. It's good to get some of the new guys familiar with the stadium."

On what you can take out of this practice: "You can take a lot out. The coaches stressed how important this was. It's a stepping stone during camp to get to preseason and we can build on that. It was an important day for our team. It's not the end of the world, but I think we'll learn from it and be better throughout the preseason for it."


On how close he was on the first pass: "I don't know exactly how close. I couldn't really see him. The line was in the way. But I heard it was pretty close. I just tried to give him a chance to catch it. Can't put it out there too far. It was a fun play to have. Just have to put it on him."

On his performance: "Definitely some things to improve. I dropped a snap on a third-down play. We had a great chance to get a first down. Can't do that obviously. But it was fun. It was a real good first scrimmage action, get out there, get the tempo of a game, the flow of a game and have a good drive. I had a lot of fun."

On the play call on the first snap: "I heard the play call and a big smile just lit up across my face, then I saw the coverage they were in pre-snap and I loved it. I was real excited to hear that."

On the scrimmage: "It's fun. First scrimmage, nice atmosphere, got a lot of fans that came out. It was a fun thing to do for us to have a lot of action. To be able to hit Anthony for a touchdown, it's exciting. My first touchdown really in Dolphins Stadium, so good play."

On his forte being improvising: "I don't know. Hopefully I'll have some success as the plays are designed. It's an asset to be able to extend plays and make something happen downfield."

On his progress: "I'm getting into the groove with all the different receivers we have, getting on the same page. Obviously, I have a lot of things to work on and clean up, but every practice that goes by I feel like I'm getting a little bit better and more excited."

On how much more comfortable he feels: "More and more every day. Hearing the play calls, going throught the plays, getting the reps, seeing what our defense is throwing at us, it gets more and more comfortable every day."

On how excited he was: "For sure. First really live action we've had in Dolphins Stadium, Sun Life Stadium, so it's exciting. I had some adrenaline going."

On the difference in facing the first-team defense: "The first team throws a little bit more stuff at you, but obviously it's the same overall defense. They're better at mixing up coverages and disguising a little bit, but we had a couple of plays we should have made when we went against the 1 defense. Obviously, the dropped snap killed us on that drive. Can't have that. You never know, if I don't drop that snap, could have had a first down there."

On making gains in the QB battle today: "I don't know. You'll have to ask Coach Philbin about that one. I'm excited about being out here, competing, excited about having a touchdown drive. You have to ask Coach Philbin about that."

On whether he had a moment where he got the feeling that this is where he'll be calling home for the next 10 years: "When we pulled up. This is my new home. When you're in College Station, you're at the facility every day, you go right at the stadium. We don't come here a lot, being our facility is in Davie. Drive up, this is the office that we're going to perform in. It's exciting to be here and perform on the field for the first time."

David Garrard

On how the scrimmage went: "It was good. There were a lot of good situations we were put in. We definitely can do better in certain places. For me, I had the ball on the ground. I can do a better job, be more of an athlete, catch the ball, try to save the play a little bit better. For overall, I thought we did a pretty good job. We were moving the ball. When we get down to the red zone, we've got to be able to punch it in more often. For the first scrimmage I was happy with my play, but know I can always do better."

On how much the scrimmage will weigh in the QB battle: "I just come out and go to work every day. Until I'm told anything, I'm just going to keep working. I haven't bee told anything, I haven't been leaked anything, nobody has come to me. I'm just going to keep working and let it play out and hopefully my game shows up."

Legedu Naanee

On how the offense did: "I think we did pretty good. We got a real chance in a game situation to see how the pace we've been using in practice works. You don't really get a feel for that (in practice), especially going two sides, so we got a better taste of the pace. We still have to pick it up more Friday night."

On the scrimmage being a step forward for the offense: Yeah. Still have things to work on. We were able to get some things done that we'd worked on all week today, but this is just another step in the process."

Karlos Dansby

On the performance on defense: "We were good today. We played well together. Played at a high level, got a couple three and outs. We're just taking steps trying to get better."

On whether he was unhappy with anything: "We didn't capitalize on our opportunities. I missed an interception, Reshad missed another one. We've got to make those plays. That's the only way we're going to be great. Those chances don't come around often, so we've got to make the most of those opportunities."

On Tannehill being the future of the franchise: "Definitely. When they asked me about him the other day, I said, ‘That's the future.' It is what it is. He's here, he made some plays today, kept the ball alive a little bit, got down the sideline. He's making strides to getting better. It's a team thing. Teamwork makes dreamwork."

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