The QB Decision Reaction

The day after Joe Philbin's announcement that Ryan Tannehill is the Dolphins' starting quarterback, it was time to get the players' reaction to the news — starting with Tannehill and the man he beat out for the job, Matt Moore.

Tannehill and Moore actually knew about the decision when they addressed the media on Monday before Philbin's daily press briefing, but did not let on.

Here's a sampling of what Tannehill, Moore and their teammates had to say about the decision.

Ryan Tannehill

On fighting back the urge Monday to tell everyone he was the starting QB: "I was excited. I'm excited to have the opportunity, to go out and play. It was a tight battle obviously. We have great guys in that room, great competitors. I appreciate everything they've done along the way to help me out, and I'm just gonna do everything I can to win games."

On how much of an advantage of it was to have played in Mike Sherman's system at Texas A&M: "It's definitely an advantage. I think it's completely different circumstances if I'm having to learn a completely new offense and get adjusted to the guys and the game. That definitely took a big element of it out where I could focus on the little things, focus on learning the guys, focus on learning small details of plays instead of the whole playbook in itself."

On whether there was a point during training camp where he felt he had the edge in the QB battle: "No, I don't think so. I wasn't concerned where I was this day or where I was at the next day. I try go out every day and just improve, try to prove I have a great handle on this offense I could be the leader of the team, and was the best guy to help win games. It wasn't a day-to-day thing where I'm measuring myself against the other guys. I just wanted to do everything I could do personally to help this team improve and help this team win. I came out on top, but I had great competitors."

Matt Moore

On his reaction to the decision: "I was disappointed. Obviously, you play this game, you want to play. As a leader of this team, you want to be back there with the guys. But I understand the decision. I support the decision. I'm behind Coach Philbin and Ryan 100 percent and will be ready if they need me."

On whether he expected the decision: "I don't know. I didn't have any expectations. I knew obviously it was probably a pretty tough decision to make. I knew they were going to have to decide sometime soon. I didn't have any expectations. Disappointed? Yeah. I think naturally as a competitor anybody would be disappointed, but I am 100 percent behind this and with the team. I'm just ready to move forward that way."

Legedu Naanee

On what gives him confidence Tannehill will succeed: "All the things he showed throughout camp, being able to get us in the right play, the right protections, re-identifying the Mike when there's blitzers and just pushing the pace of the offense. That's a big thing with the no-huddle."

Mike Pouncey

On how much Tannehill benefited from having played in Sherman's offense in college: "It helped him out a lot. Obviously he ran this offense in college. He's a 24-year-old rookie that demands that his team plays good, and he goes out and makes all the right throws, all the right calls. Just happy to have him as our starting quarterback."On what it means to Tannehill to know he's the starter: "It can ease his my mind a little bit knowing that he's a starter now and he can just work on being the best player he can be."

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