Moore Moving Forward

The Dolphins settled their quarterback situation on Tuesday when they released veteran David Garrard, and the person most affected by the move is glad the uncertainty is gone. For Matt Moore, Garrard's release means he realistically no longer has to worry whether his days in Miami are numbered.

"It's nice to know where you stand," Moore said. "Just not knowing was probably the hardest part. It could have easily been me, so just to know where you stand and move forward is a good thing."

Moore clearly has to be disappointed he lost the battle for the starting quarterback job to rookie Ryan Tannehill, but as the "Hard Knocks" cameras showed, he has remained a team player all the way.

And that's not about to change.

"I'm the No. 2 guy right here now moving forward," Moore said. "That's how I'm going to prepare and try to assist this team any way I can."

Garrard's contract was terminated in large part because he was not quite ready to play after undergoing knee surgery the day after the preseason opener against Tampa Bay.

The Dolphins no doubt were hoping to be able to trade one of their two veteran quarterbacks for a draft pick, but no one came calling.

With the Dolphins deciding to go with Tannehill as their starter, it became highly unlikely that two veteran quarterbacks would be kept as backups — even though that's just what Pittsburgh did when they kept Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich behind Ben Roethlisberger.

But when the decision was made to keep young quarterback Pat Devlin on the 53-man roster, that clearly meant that either Moore or Garrard had to go.

"I was waiting around," Moore said. "Obviously, with the decision (Tuesday), things are a lot different now. But I was in the same boat as you guys, just kind of waiting to hear what was going on."

Make no mistake, Moore had prepared himself for the possibility it would be him and not Garrard who would be moved.

"Absolutely, I think you gotta be," Moore said. "I mean, you never know. So I think you've got to be ready for anything."

Now, though, the only thing Moore has to get himself for is coming into the game if the Dolphins need him.

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