The Dolphins Discussion will be posted periodically until the start of training camp and will offer our opinion on a pertinent topic involving the Dolphins. Today we discuss the key questions facing the offense heading into training camp.

The start of training camp is now only a couple of days away, and it figures to be an important and entertaining camp for the Dolphins.

The big reason for the interest is the high level of expectations surrounding the Dolphins.

But while the Dolphins and their fans have reason to feel optimistic, there are some questions that will have to be answered and we offer some of the most pertinent ones on offense.

Can the Dolphins avoid a quarterback controversy?

After Brian Griese signed, everybody from Jay Fiedler on down said the right things and made it appear everything would go smoothly. But there is reason to be concerned that problems could arise if Fiedler starts struggling or gets injured and Griese comes in and plays well. The Dolphins simply don't need a quarterback controversy, and avoiding one might be their most difficult task of the season.

What can Ricky Williams do for an encore?

It's going to be difficult for Williams to match what he did last season, but if he stays healthy he should again put up big numbers because he's that good a running back. The bottom line is that Williams should be the least of the Dolphins' concerns.

Can Chris Chambers and Randy McMichael rebound?

They'd better because the Dolphins passing game badly needs them. Chambers need to re-become the receiver he was as a rookie, while McMichael needs to regain the form he flashed during a brilliant first half of the season last year.

Can the offensive line get the job done?

Why can't it? Williams immediately makes the line better, so all it needs to do is keep the quarterbacks upright and open some holes in the running game. The one concern along the offensive line is the lack of established depth because the current projected backups are Seth McKinney, Greg Jerman and Wade Smith.

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