Bush Confident He'll Play

Reggie Bush won't be speaking to the media anymore this week after doing his regular Wednesday press conference, but what reporters saw in the early portion of Thursday's practice spoke volumes in terms of his ability to play this weekend at Arizona. To put it simply, Bush didn't look like a player who missed the second half of last Sunday's game with a knee injury.

Bush's actions on Thursday only backed up the confidence he showed Wednesday during his press conference.

Here's what Bush had to say:

On how he's feeling: "Feel good. Feel pretty good. Feel a lot better than I thought I would at this point, just looking back until Sunday. I made a lot of strides, lot of improvements. I feel good."

On how scary the injury was on Sunday: "You just never know. Any time you take a hit and I've been on the positive side of hits and you think it's worse than it was and it ends up not being and I've been on the other side. You just never know and thankfully everything was good and I'm all right, still walking (laughing)."

On if he thinks the Jets purposely went after him: "You know what, it's a physical game and there's a lot of contact. I don't know, maybe comments made it seem like that throughout the week, but I knew that, if my name's getting mentioned by the head coach, then I guess I'm doing something right."

On how close he was to trying to go back in last Sunday: "I felt I was pretty close. I felt pretty good. Some of the things that I was doing on the sideline I felt like I was okay and I could work through it and I guess last minute they just decided not to, to just rest me and not risk anything cause we didn't know. Like I said, we were kind of on the, straddling the fence of what we thought it was and we weren't sure. Just decided to do."

On what he think it will take for him to play this week: "I don't know. That's kind of up to the coach. If it was up to me, I'd be playing no matter what, but it's up to the coaching and it's up to the trainers. If I'm able to show them everything I need to allow me to be in there and obviously want to be fair in the situation to the team and straight forward. We'll find out. There will come a time for that. We've got a long week. That's really it."

On having five different players score a rushing touchdown and that says about the depth of the running game: "I think it says that we have depth at the running back position and we have guys that can step in there and be effective and make plays. I think Jorvorskie (Lane) is doing a great job as a rookie going in there and making some huge plays for us, things that kind of go unseen to a regular fan, but he's in there. He's making some key blocks that are really springing me and Daniel (Thomas) and everybody else. (He's) just creating great big holes for us and making it really easy for us to just go out there and make plays."

On areas that running back Lamar Miller has improved in: "I think his work ethic, in his finish to plays. I think he's doing a great job of finishing plays now and that's natural. You come into this league, the level steps up a notch and he's doing a great job. I think he had an adjustment period as we all do when we're rookies, but I think he's doing a great job now at finishing plays, at finishing runs and I think you saw, in his last game, he made some really good runs for us."

On if he said anything to Thomas and Miller once he knew he wouldn't be back in the second half: "I just told them to just run hard and get up the field. Run for four yards. Don't worry about the big plays. Those will come and just protect the football."

On the reports that there may be an end to the referee strike: "That's good. Coach (Joe) Philbin instructed us not to comment any further on the referee situation, but I will say this, any time, you have the President of the United States speak about something like that, then something needs to happen. Any time he addresses it, there's something that needs to happen."

On the Cardinals' run defense: "It's a fast defense. They do a good job at getting a lot of guys to the ball carrier. It's a fast defense. They thrive off of turnovers. They do a good at creating turnovers and stripping the ball from ball carriers. You saw it last game. I just saw on SportsCenter just (with Michael) Vick, they did a good job stripping the ball form him, creating turnovers and putting pressure on the quarterback. That's something that we have to be well aware of this week. We have to mentally prepare ourselves for a lot of pressure on the quarterback, a lot of blitzing and we have to do a job, especially from the running back standpoint, at protection the football. We can't get in there and, in their home stadium, I think they've won like the last seven games. They're undefeated now and so we can't go into their house and start turning the ball over. That's a recipe for disaster. Running backs, I've always felt, set the tone early. So we have to set the tone for the rest of the game. We've got to protect the ball. We've got to run physical. We've got run at them and that's the start of it and there's obviously a lot more keys that are going to go to winning this football game."

On what he was having success with early on in the Jets game: "I think we were having success just running the ball. I thought our offensive line was doing a great job at creating holes and just getting a body on a body and getting guys out of position. I thought they did a great job at that and I think you saw, in that first half, we were running the ball well. There were some big holes to run through. I thought, all-in-all, we did a good job running the ball and really our tempo, I think, kind of wore them down a little bit. That's something that we have to mentally and physically, as a team, that's kind of, now we have, like Coach said, we have three games on film now, so we're kind of seeing what our identity is and that's something that we're going to have to lean is out tempo game in and game out."

On how important it is to get a win this week and prevent a two-game slide: "Yes, it's extremely important for us. Obviously, the game's don't get any easier. This is about as tough as it's going to get at a Week 4. This is extremely important for us to get .500 and not fall back three games. It's extremely important for us to, I think, one, not focus on winning the game, but doing the fundamental things, the little things right. They're going to help us win the game and not worrying about the whole game in general and everybody doing their part and being accountable. I think if we do that, we'll be OK."

On when he'll know definitely if he'll play this week: "I really don't know. That's something you've got to ask Coach about because I'll tell you right now I'm playing Sunday, but I'm sure that's why I'm not the head coach. I'm going to do everything I can from a physical and mental standpoint to prepare myself as if I'm playing Sunday and, if I get the call and it's true that I can play, then I'll be ready to go."

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