Odrick's Take on Maybin

Aaron Maybin may not be a popular guy in the Dolphins locker room these days after saying the Jets want to "knock out" Reggie Bush but do it legally, but he's got a friend in there in Jared Odrick. The two were teammates at Penn State and are close enough to this day that they've been exchanging text messages this week.

"Aaron is the type of guy that isn't afraid to voice his opinion," Odrick said. "He's been a friend of mine for a while. He helped me out with my family getting some tickets this week, so I think the world of him."

Odrick said he didn't now what Maybin had said and didn't have a strong reaction when told.

"Hey, whatever other people want to say about us, that's not something we really pay mind to," Odrick said. "We just go play our game and let the pads speak for themselves and try not to talk."

Maybin was a first-round pick of the Buffalo Bills in 2009, one year before the Dolphins took Odrick in 2010.

Maybin and Odrick arrived at Penn State at the same time, but Maybin entered the NFL draft as an underclassman.

"He's been a friend for a while," Odrick said. "He was at Penn State. We came in together. We actually all signed together, that whole class. We had a media day where we all signed together. He's a guy that's not afraid to voice his opinion and have a good time in the media.

"We try to link up as much as possible, but he does a lot of stuff for his charity and I'm all over the place because I like to travel and work out at different places. We talked after the first game and we're going to try to link up and do some things with some camps for some kids back in my hometown and whatnot."

Odrick says Maybin was a great player and a great teammate at Penn State.

"Aaron is a guy that plays hard," Odrick said. "If you ever watch him play, he's always full tilt, full speed. He plays a respectful game. I wish the best of luck to him."

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