Jets' Playoff Hopes Fading Away

Rex Ryan and the New York Jets have officially hit rock bottom following a humiliating loss on Thanksgiving Night to the New England Patriots

What a total disgrace on Thanksgiving night at MetLife Stadium. There is really nothing else to say when it comes to that type of performance where the Jets really needed a victory to salvage their season and they somehow looked totally inept and couldn't make anything positive happen until the closing moments of the first half by kicking a field goal.

It was a decent start to the game as both sides were held scoreless until the beginning of the second quarter when the Patriots eventually got the touchdown from Wes Welker and then everything fell apart like a house of cards.

It wasn't just the turnovers that killed the Jets chances of having a competitive game, but the way it happened that made Jets' fans bury their heads into the pot of gravy that was supposed to be for the mashed potatoes and white turkey meat.

Is Mark Sanchez to blame for this performance? Yes he is but once again he had help to the start of this debacle. Shonn Greene tried to stretch the ball over the first down marker and got it whacked out of his hands for the pop-up turnover.

Joe McKnight who never had a kickoff return forced out of his hands, had it fumbled and recovered by Julian Edelman, Mark Sanchez running into his own defender and fumbling the ball as he landed hard on his back and then the Patriots returned it for a touchdown.

Blown coverage by the defense allowing Shane Vereen for a catch and run of 83 yards and no other Jets' defender in sight to stop him at the other side of the field for a grand total of 35 points allowed in one single quarter. Is it a question of not showing heart? Is it a question of nerves? Or is it a question of not being prepared against a division rival once again?

Whatever it is all I can say is that this performance is a lot worse than what they allowed against the Miami Dolphins. If there is a housecleaning by Woody Johnson at the end of the season, then he should get rid of this cap-ologist who has failed to bring in quality players and go on the cheap.

Get rid of this offensive coordinator who has been offensive with his play calling and schemes, get rid of this quarterback coach who can't coach a quarterback, draft a brand new quarterback or give Greg McElroy a real chance as the starter and while Woody Johnson is at it, he should sell this team to someone who truly wants to win a super bowl title since Joe Namath did it in Super Bowl III.

All Woody wants is headlines and all he wants is to upstage the other team that shares MetLife Stadium with them instead of doing the right thing and that is be an owner who is truly on the same page as those other NFL teams that know how to win.

His decision or let me restate this, getting suckered by John Elway and the Denver Broncos to bring in Tim Tebow to sell tickets on his short lived popularity was the worst thing he has done since being the owner of this team after his general manager gave Sanchez that front-loaded extension.

The Rex Ryan rollercoaster has made two high trips to consecutive AFC Championship games and now it's gone straight to the dumpster as this has been the worst of the four. This is a flat out ugly disgrace of a performance and now the season is officially over.

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