Pac-12 Postgame: Chase Thomas

Stanford defensive lineman Chase Thomas addresses the media after the title win...

Q. You guys shut them [UCLA] down completely last time. What was different this time?

Chase Thomas: I mean, they game planned really well against us. They had a great game plan coming into the game. You know, they got us out of the box with that fast motion. When they saw us do that, thry ran right down the middle where that linebacker vacated. So they saw what worked last week and really emphasized doing the same things this week.

I mean, they have the best running back in the Pac-12 in Johnathan Franklin. To be able to hold that guy to under seventy yards like we did last week was a really big feat. And this week, we weren't so lucky. We had some gaps creased. But we made the stops when we needed to.

Q. Chase, back when Stanford lost to Washington, how far away back then did you feel from the Rose Bowl compared to where you are right now, obviously?

Thomas: Yeah, I mean, if you had asked me after that game if we'd be here today, I would say it's definitely a possibility, but it's kind of hard to say, yeah, we're going to the Rose Bowl. But the type of guys we have in our locker room, we stepped up when we needed to. We made big plays. We took teams into deep water late, draged them out, bled them out in the late games. You know, it shows a lot of our determination and will on our team to be able to finish so many games in the fourth quarter or even overtime.

Q. Obviously, a lot of guys contributed to this. But talk about having a freshman quarterback that has played as well as he has four games in a row and on this stage tonight.

Thomas: [to Kevin Hogan] You're a freshman?

I don't know. He sure doesn't play like one. The type of leadership he has in the huddle, the way he commands the huddle, it's tremendous for a redshirt freshman like him. We have tremendous faith in him on the defense.

It doesn't really matter who is at quarterback as long as they are sustaining drives and putting points on the board, the defense is going to be happy. But he's done so much more. He can extend plays with his legs and his arm, get outside the pocket, and it's always hard to game plan against a quarterback who can make plays on the move.

Thomas had seven unassisted tackles, three assisted tackles, and two sacks in Friday's game.

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