Jets' season doomed from the start

Gang Green's season was over before it even began writes Green and White Report's Daniel Feuerstein.

The final snap of the 2012 season has officially come to a very disappointing end as the New York Jets. who started the season at home with a thunderous win against the Buffalo Bills, played poorly in the regular season finale against those same Bills.

This game that the Bills wanted to find a way to punch through and put the Jets on their back to end their season.

Buffalo wide reciever Brad Smith scored a touchdown out of the Wildcat that he had used so effectively for the Jets. Where was that all season long from the Bills? Using some trick plays against the Jets in a meaningless game is a little bit puzzling.

But let's go back to the Jets and how this season was a complete failure. Mark Sanchez has completely lost his confidence and he is not the guy to lead this team or any other NFL team right now. Whatever positives he had from his first two seasons have been flushed down the drain.

Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano entered the post game interview room, and was seen he was running away to the team bus with the Jets media following him trying to get a quote or two.

I understand this was a failed season, but as a member of the coaching staff how about standing up to the firing squad and take your shots like a real man? Feels like Sparano will be fired and he will probably look for a new job with some NFL team or maybe go into the college ranks.

Mike Tannenbaum has shown that he is not a competent cap-ologist nor general manager. Whatever he did for this team sadly it all fell apart and he failed to do the proper thing, he failed to properly replace the needs that this team with quality players.

The Tim Tebow experiment was a complete failure and while he is a nice guy, it was doomed from the start. The coaching staff intentionally made him bulk up for no reason and didn't use him more than a few plays to get into a rhythm. I hope he can recover from this disaster in New York and do better somewhere else, he is still a nice guy and deserves a solid chance.

Overall Robert "Woody" Johnson has allowed his ego and sadly has allowed an on and off the field circus to get worse and worse. He has to start to tell his front office and coaching staff to start keeping their traps shut and stop these internal leeks from getting to the pens or pencils of the media.

After going 3-3 the Jets have dissolved into a pool of nothing. They kept away from whatever was working and they forced certain players to grow up quickly to become important players on both sides of the ball.

We will have to watch and wait to see what will happen this off-season. Who will be purged, who will be kept and who will be able to save face from the coaching staff. Because these guys are suppose to be improving yet in reality they have regressed.

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