Mark Dixon gets the privilege of lining up against Daryl Gardener every day at practice. This weekend, when the Dolphins work out against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two days prior to the teams' Monday night preseason matchup, he'll get to go against All-Pro Warren Sapp.<p>It's a challenge the Dolphins' starting left guard actually is looking forward to.

"I love playing against him because he's one of the top two people in the world at what he does," Dixon said. "It's brutal to practice against him because he brings it all the time. But it gives me a barometer of where I am and what I need to work on. He tests every part of your game."

Playing against Sapp not only is a major physical test, but there's also the matter of dealing with Sapp's constant yapping.

Few players in the NFL do as much trash talking as Sapp, who has enough Pro Bowls on his resume to get away with it.

As far as Dixon is concerned, as long as he can see Sapp — as well as hear him — after a play, he's done his job.

"If you can only hear him from a distance, then he just schooled you," Dixon said. "You hope he's not talking to the back of your head."

As impressed as he is with Sapp's athletic ability, Dixon also has praise for his verbal skills.

"As funny as he is in the paper, he's funnier on the field because you don't have to beep what he says and you get to hear the whole thing," Dixon said. "He's a quote machine. He's talented on the field and he's talented verbally. He's a talented person."

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