Ireland Discusses Jordan Move

The Dolphins caused quite a stir when they moved up from 12th to third in the first round of the draft after a trade with the Oakland Raiders and then selected Oregon defensive end/outside linebacker Dion Jordan. GM Jeff Ireland discussed the transaction and the players shortly after the pick was announced.

Here is a transcript of Ireland's comments, as provided by the Dolphins:

Opening statement: "Obviously we jumped up there awfully quickly and took a player that we coveted quite a bit. He (Dion Jordan) was very high on our board. We think he's an outstanding talent, has tremendous versatility. He's a great kid. We just think the world of the player and what he's capable of doing. He's got tremendous upside. I'll open up for questions."

On if Dion Jordan is an every-down player: "I think eventually (he will be). We certainly see him as an every-down player. Like all players, they're going to need some time to grow into a position. He's certainly one of those guys that' certainly going to have a role. I would certainly say third down for sure and then eventually be an every-down player."

On how the decision to trade up unfolded: "I had some intel that maybe Oakland was looking to get out of there and (I) made a call before the Draft to just let them know that I was interested in maybe getting up. Then, I waited for about, I don't know, maybe five or six minutes while they were on the clock and there was no call from them and so I called and just asked if they were looking to move the pick. They said they were open for business. I offered my first offer and they said, ‘We're not interested.' So I waited another 45 seconds to a minute and they called right back (and) asked for 42. I said, ‘Sure, we'll do it.' And that's all that was."

On if he's surprised that the trade compensation was low to move that far up: "I think that the reason that I made the call was I felt like it was a buyer's market. I felt like they did want to get out of there and I felt like you don't get anything for not asking. Why not ask? Obviously, I thought it was great value to get up there (and it was) great value based on our board, based on the player we think he can be. We thought it was a big win for us."

On when he decided during the process that he was leaning towards selecting Jordan: "No, I was just sitting there after the pick. I was telling Steve (Ross) that this is a player that we actually sat in our draft room in December of 2011 and started watching because he was a third year sophomore and we thought he might come out and he didn't. But he's been on our radar for quite a while. We've always felt like he's got a tremendous skill set that's unique. So he's been on our radar for a while."

On the decision to select a pass rusher over other positions: "Again, in the Draft, I like to try to stick to the board and I thought he was unique. I thought when you get a core position that's prototypical that reminds you of players that have played at that position in the National Football League and have had great success – I feel like that's a position that you can't have enough of. I think there's a couple of things, you've got to score touchdowns, you've got to knock the quarterback down, you've got to take the ball away. And I think this guy can do one of those two things."

On if he'll be ready for OTA's or training camp: "Yes, I do. I'm not putting a timeline on the injury, but I think he's maybe a month into the rehab and he should be fine. It's not a major thing."

On if he can give an update on the offensive tackle situation, in particular the trade scenario for Chiefs' Brandon Albert: "Right now, it's nowhere fellas. We're nowhere on that thing right now. That's what I can tell you."

On if he can talk about the Albert situation or the potential trade involving Davone Bess: "Well, the Kansas City deal I can say is nowhere right now and neither is the Bess one. Information gets out fellas, but sometimes they're not what they appear."

On if he can still find a starting offensive tackle in the Draft: "We'll see. We're certainly going to hopefully address several different positions. Maybe offensive line's one of them."

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