Wallace's Words

The team-released transcript of Mike Wallace's comments the day after the Dolphins' 23-10 season-opening victory at Cleveland.

On if he's still upset about not being targeted more: "I'm good, I'm good."

On if he's talked to coach Philbin and how it went: "Yeah. It went great."

On what coach Philbin said, and what Wallace replied: "That's a conversation really between us, but we had a good conversation. It was productive, we're good and we're ready to move on."

On if it was an instantaneous reaction, and then he realized we won, and looked at the big picture: "I'm always happy to win, that's what we play for to win. I expect to win so I don't get overly excited when we win because every time we step on the field that's what I'm there for. If you see us win or you see us lose, I'm not going to be jumping around either way, because every single time we step on the field I expect to win."

On what he was angry about: "It just wasn't a good day for me. Sometimes it's like that when you play football, it was just like that yesterday."

On if he was mad at himself: "Yeah, mad at myself."

On if it went beyond that: "No, I'm mad at myself just because I didn't have a good game, that's all it was."

On if he was open several times in the first half): "I think we had a couple times, but I think our quarterback made great reads. He went to where he was supposed to in the progressions and he made some big completions."

On if he regrets saying ‘ask the coach' after the win: "No, because you all asked me, you asked me, why wasn't I targeted. What do you want me to tell you I'm not calling the plays. I was upset with myself, it wasn't really anything else that had to do with anything. I would have told you the same thing regardless. If you ask me about the plays, I don't really have the answer or if you ask me why I didn't get targeted, I couldn't really answer that for you because I'm not the one calling the plays. That's all I meant by that."

On if it was a little bit more frustrating being that it was Joe Haden: "I mean just a little bit, it has to do with a lot of things. Just wanting to do well. That's the type of player I am, anytime I don't do well I'm upset. I'm always happy that we win, every single time. I don't take it for granted, I know every single win is hard to get. Just from a personal standpoint when you don't do well, you're upset. If you're not upset you don't need to be on the team. I want to be a great player and I want to make plays, that's the only reason I'm here. "

On how he and Ryan can get more on the same page: "We just have to keep playing, keep doing what we're doing in practice. I think we do a really good job in practice, getting chemistry going and we just have to keep that going. It'll happen."

On if it's the case where he says, "Look out for me more, I'm open": "No man, you don't want to do that, because then you start forcing things that don't need to be thrown in there sometimes. Just keep playing, just keep playing, fight through it, sometimes it's going to be good, sometimes it's going to be bad, but just have to keep playing."

On if he thinks his presence opens up things for Hartline: "Oh definitely, I'm happy those guys had a great game, those are my teammates. I'm always happy when they do well, every single time. Every single catch they work hard for it, and I might open it up, but those guys get themselves open by running great routes and making great catches."

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