John Jerry Gets Bragging Rights

After the Dolphins' stirring 27-23 victory against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, reporters crowded around center Mike Pouncey in the Miami locker room. Right next to Pouncey stood guard John Jerry, who quietly went about his business of getting dressed.

It was a satisfying moment for Pouncey, basking in the comeback victory that gave the Dolphins a 3-0 record.

For Jerry, meanwhile, the game had a special twist because it matched him up against his older brother, Peria Jerry.

And by matched up, we mean matched up.

See, Peria Jerry lines up at defensive tackle for the Falcons, which means he found himself directly across from John on more than a few snaps.

"It was a lot of fun," John Jerry said. "I didn't expect him not to make plays. He's a great player, but I think it's just overcoming everything we did as a team. It's just more about the team right now as opposed to me versus my brother."

John Jerry said he went directly against his brother about nine or 10 plays during the game.

Peria Jerry was credited with two tackles in the game and recovered Ryan Tannehill's fumble early in the third quarter, a turnover that set up Atlanta's second and final touchdown.

Peria Jerry also was the player that John Jerry was flagged for holding on a penalty that negated an 11-yard run by Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas.

Overall, though, John Jerry had a solid game, with Pro Football Focus giving him a 1.4 grade for the game, the second-highest grade given to a Dolphins offensive lineman behind Pouncey's 2.0.

"Yeah, it was a back-and-forth thing," John Jerry said of his confrontations with his brother. "He made some plays, I had some good blocks on him. Overall, we got the win, so it really doesn't matter what he did."

The game against Atlanta had something extra not only for John Jerry, but also for tackle Tyson Clabo and cornerback Brent Grimes, both longtime members of the Falcons before they joined the Dolphins this season.

The game culminated a week when all three of them were asked time and time again about the added twist to the contest.

And, make no mistake, all three of them are glad the whole thing is over.

In fact, John Jerry says he'd be perfectly fine if he never had to face his brother again.

"I'd rather not because everybody blows it up out of proportion for me and him," John Jerry said. "So I'd rather not do it. Good thing we only play them once every four years."

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