Jets need to take 'training wheels' off Geno

The New York Jets offense has been downright awful, but the blame shouldn't fall squarely on the shoulders of rookie quarterback Geno Smith, writes TJB's Daniel Feuerstein.

Let's get something straight to those who think this three game losing streak is entirely Geno Smith's fault . He is partially to blame for some of the throws he has made that were ultimately intercepted as he is forcing the plays into tight spots.

But while that part is true, the other half of this situation is that the coaching staff has broken away from protocol as Rex Ryan decided to take the detour to Dave & Buster's in Buffalo instead of practicing their game plan the night before their Week 11 match up.

The Week 12 matchup in Baltimore saw both Ryan and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg draw up many safe plays to keep the turnovers down as they refused to take the training wheels off the offense. Absolutely no chance for Smith to take a shot down the field as the coaching staff of the Jets played scared instead of challenging a Ravens' side that couldn't get into the end zone until the middle of the third quarter.

Wide receivers failing to catch the ball when they are in the right positions on the field and somehow failing to haul them in hasn't helped out their young rookie quarterback. Yes injuries have played a role in a diminished wide receiver corps for the Jets, but they are just good enough to get the job done.

Is it a trust issue between the coaching staff and its quarterback, or is it a trust issue all of a sudden from the coaches against some of these players that they drafted?

It's really unheard of when Jeremy Kerley is New York's lone weapon with a veteran like Santonio Holmes who has made some big plays in the past as well as David Nelson who was one of the Bills' top receivers until his ACL injury and then cutting him from the squad last season.

While the front seven of the defense has done a fantastic job stopping the run against its opponents and the secondary has looked weak giving up some long throws; sadly the offense can't pick up its defenders when it hold off opponents out of the end zone.

Rex Ryan needs to be more involved with the offense and not just say it, but to do it and hound his players to get the job done because if the defense can score the points as well as stop the opposition, then you don't need a quarterback to lead the real offense to get the job done.

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